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Heretical - Daemonachrist

by Chelsea Jennings at 15 December 2014, 9:54 AM

The three-piece HERETICAL’s latest offering “Daemonachrist” is exactly what one would expect from an album titled as such. Plenty of mentions of terms such as the devil, Satan, and the Antichrist abound. Satan is mentioned several times in the first few tracks, and this sets the mood for the storyline that is to come. The merciless tide of the devil continues to wash over the listener throughout the entire album. Mentions of the devil and other such evil things continue throughout the entire album. There is no shortage of heavy, angry vocals and huge riffs and massive drumbeats to drive the album forward. Upon a first listen, it is evident that darkness oozes forth from every song on this new album in some capacity. This gives the album the feel that a black-metal album named something dark as “Daemonachrist” should give off in one’s mind.

Songs such as “Averno Resvrrectvris” and “Daemonachrist” are heavy, face-melting tunes that make all of the band’s anger, angst, and aggression evident. The vocals hare heavy, There will be surprises on the CD to many listeners, however, as HERETICAL take breaks from big, angry, mean songs to focus on the more quiet sides of themselves in songs such as “Devastate Liverate” and “Res Santanae Creata”. These offerings almost remind the listener of a symphony more than black metal, as the pieces are mostly musical, and the vocals are much quieter and more peaceful than the other offerings on the album.

The combination of loud, heavy aggressive sounds, and the quieter, more melodic symphonic-type sounds made a great combination of listening when one listen’s to HERETICAL’s latest album. This combination of sounds makes a great combination to showcase both the band’s musical ability, as well as fitting the heavy, aggressive, dark theme of “Daemonachrist” well.

3 Star Rating

1. VICarIVS flLll Del (Inductio)
2. Averno Resvrrectvri
3. Der Monarchristvs
4. I Bleed Black
5. Devastate E Liberate
6. The Gift Lemegeton
7. Lvzifer Demasque
8. Res Santanae Creata
9. Cum Clave Diaboli
10. Demonmental
11. Mediator Del (Conclusio)
12. Outro
Azmeroth - Guitars, Bass
Arias - Keyboards, Vocals
Arymon - Drums
Record Label: Beyond Productions


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