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Herman Frank - Right In The Guts

Herman Frank
Right In The Guts
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 29 October 2012, 8:21 PM

Damn, I missed that great feeling of listening to German traditional Metal, you just can’t have enough of it. Old classic bands such ACCEPT, GRAVE DIGGER and SINNER, groups that ruled their local scene right before the mid 80s Power Metal flow of HELLOWEEN, GAMMA RAY, PRIMAL FEAR and others started taking over slowly into a new decade of music. I feel fortunate because these old bands didn’t let go and kept on producing new material and new albums all in the vein of their older selves while preserving the natural way of composing Metal songs. Herman Frank, one of the remnants of the past, also known from his long career with ACCEPT and also was an integral piece in great local German groups such as VICTORY and MOON DOC that also served the traditional platter of sweet German Metal music, decided to form his own solo band under his name back in 2008 just as his axeman on ACCEPT, Wolf Hoffmann, did years ago. However, Frank didn’t attempt to be highly artistic as his peer. He seemed to have wanted to remind everyone that his admiration for old Metal has never wavered and he came forward in order to kick some ass in the name of what is true in his eyes and heart. Through Metal Heaven Records, which also released his debut album “Loyal To None”, Frank recently uncovered his second album, “Right In The Guts”, while also presenting almost a totally different line-up with the special recruitment of AT VANCE / THUNDERSTONE’s vocalist, Rick Altzi.

Basically, I can call “Right In The Guts” as a total 80s Metal frenzy party with no strings attached, just hop in, get your beer, sit back or break something in your way. Furthermore, I sensed that “Right In The Guts”, besides being a fine calling card for Herman Frank, is sort of compilation of his early works in the bands that he took part in. I think that its spectacular as through this album there are many indications of the straightforwardness and impeccable anthems of classics of ACCEPT and VICTORY, yet also some of the Bluesy feel of the emotional dispenser, tear dropping cry out called WHITESNAKE. Without a doubt that the enrolment of Rick Altzi to the line-up proved to be Frank’s greatest move for this release. I have to admit that listening to Altzi singing in such an enthusiastic, dramatic and forceful mode makes me think that he is way suitable to this band than any of other bands he has been fronting. It seemed that he gave his whole for the recordings, respect for that. As far as the music goes, Frank fundamentally created what old German Metal always offered and that is power, huge loads of power, guts and the sign of victory. In general, many of his creations sounded rather similar to old classics that he was involved in, thus not providing anything special while also providing reoccurring moments rather similar to past thrills, yet there is no doubt that this material is burning hot, energetic as hell, catchy and bombastic. I didn’t enjoy too much of the production as it felt rather uneven between songs, but in overall it shares that fine core of the German Metal sound and ferocity.

Between up tempo speeds and mid tempo combustions, I was inflamed by “Hell Isn't Far”, “Kings Call”, “So They Run” and the highly emotional grasp of “Falling to Pieces”. Every song has a great potential to become a hit on your stereos and mp3 players, it is all a matter of perception. Herman Frank bested his previous album with flying colors. His old school deliverances are precious and victorious. I can’t get enough myself and I am ready for more, ACCEPT can wait. 

4 Star Rating

1. Roaring Thunder
2. Right in Your Guts
3. Ivory Gate
4. Vengeance
5. Starlight
6. Falling to Pieces
7. Raise Your Hand
8. Waiting
9. Hell Isn't Far
10. Kings Call
11. Lights Are Out
12. Black Star
13. So They Run 
Herman Frank– Guitars
Rick Altzi– Vocals
Mamalitsidis Cristos– Guitars
Peter Pichl– Bass
Michael Wolpers- Drums
Record Label: Metal Heaven


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