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Herman Frank - The Devil Rides Out Award winner

Herman Frank
The Devil Rides Out
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 10 December 2016, 1:39 PM

This album is really lovely. For all those who don’t know, Herman Frank is the former guitarist from ACCEPT, that played in German band PANZER and plays in VICTORY, a savage beast on the six string axe, and maybe one of the finest riff-men in Metal. So, hearing this third solo album, called “The Devil Rides Out”, is not really a surprise. But it’s amazing to hear such kind of music.

Here, you’ll find that traditional Heavy Metal of the German Old School, with some German Hard Rock touches. It’s melodic, powerful and really charming, with excellent choruses, fine guitars and vocals, and a solid work done by bass guitar and drums. So it’s not a guitarist solo album, but the whole band is great, doing excellent work. So be prepared, because this album will get you! Herman produced the album (as well as he played bass guitar parts), and the mixing and mastering were done by the hands of Charlie Bauerfeind. It’s truly clean and you’ll understand what the band is playing, but due the presence of Herman’s work in the production, the album is sounding heavy and great, the musical weight is here.

All the twelve songs are very good, but there are those that will catch you quickly. They are: the savage and heavy “Running Back” (excellent guitar parts and fine aggressive vocals), the excellent chorus of “Shout”, the amazing and hypnotic tempos of “Can’t Take It” (where the Hard Rock scent is really clear, showing very good work of bass and drums), the slow tempos and abrasive melodies of “Ballhog Zone”, the very good riffs and solos of “License to Kill”, the Hardn’Heavy energy presented on “Stone Cold”, the great tempos shown on “Dead or Alive” (it has a a lovely chorus, let me tell you), and the heavy weight of the hooking “Run for Cover” can be said as the finest moments of the album. Come on people, and let Herman and his friend teach you a lesson about German Metal!

Originality: 7
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Running Back
2. Shout
3. Can’t Take It
4. No Tears in Heaven
5. Ballhog Zone
6. Run Boy Run
7. Thunder of Madness
8. License to Kill
9. Stone Cold
10. Dead or Alive
11. Run for Cover
12. I Want It All
Herman Frank - Guitars
Rick Altzi - Vocals
Michael Müller - Bass
André Hilgers - Drums
Record Label: AFM Records


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