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Herman Frank - Loyal To None (CD)

Herman Frank
Loyal To None
by Makis Kirkos at 26 February 2009, 7:51 PM

The name Herman Frank should ring a bell to the older Metal fans, if it doesn't…well, I am sorry but you have done something wrong. Let me give you a clue, he's always Restless And Wild while his Instinct is looking for Temples Of Gold, having his Balls To The Wall. You got it now? Exactly. We are talking about Herman Frank, the guitar virtuoso known from bands such as ACCEPT, VICTORY and MOON'DOC among others.  

Loyal To None is his first solo album, soon to be released by Metal Heaven at February 27th, 2009. It's always a great honor to review albums released by such great musicians and generally personalities within the music business. Herman Frank has paid his dues long time ago, he needs to prove nothing to the world and you can hear this in his solo album. It's just pure Heavy Metal from the heart. Call it traditional, call it classic, call it 80s, call it however you like; it's still very good.

The songs are typically crafted in heavy guitar riffs and all-time-classic vocal lines. Nothing really new, but you don't have to search for the exceptional break out, all the time. Sometimes it is better to just enjoy a record well done, pure in emotions and feelings. And that's exactly what Loyal To None is. The opener, Moon II, is bursting out with a vicious guitar solo, leading into a classic Heavy Metal song. 7 Stars comes next and here is Jiotis Parachidis with his savage screams and edgy voice, putting us into place. Father Buries Son follows in the same motive and Heal Me comes next to slow things down a little bit. I can't help but getting a WHITESNAKE and DEF LEPPARD vibe every time I hear this song. It's definitely very catchy and among my favorites off this album. Right in the middle of the record a Hero appears and Kill the King (another hit, great vocal harmonies and arrangement) follows in a driving tempo that just makes your head bang every time Jiotis is shouting kill the king. Down To The Valley and Lord Tonight speed things up and Bastard Legions reminds of an arena anthem. The last song, Welcome To Hell sounds a bit more melodic than it should for its title, in my opinion, but still suits the whole atmosphere.

Needless to say the production is remarkable, due to Herman Frank's experience (SAXON, MOLLY HATCHET, ROSE TATTOO, MESSIAH'S KISS and VICTORY among others) as a producer and engineer. The musicians participating in Loyal To None are all veterans and their chemistry is great as most of them play, or used to play, in the same bands. Of course Jiotis Parachidis (VICTORY, HUMAN FORTRESS) is a talented singer, while Peter Pichl is known from his work with RUNNING WILD and you should remember Stefan Schwarzmann from RUNNING WILD, U.D.O., ACCEPT, HELLOWEEN e.t.c.

All in all, Loyal To None is an honest, good melodic album. It may not have anything different, it may stick to a formula; it may not be catchy, if you wish, but will please every fan of well-played, classic Metal music out there. The sound is balanced; the songs will keep you rocking without having to think of tomorrow, the beer will keep coming and you will enjoy 47 minutes of your life with good music. Did I mention that the album cover can only remind me of RUNNING WILD? The rest is up to you.

3 Star Rating

Moon II
7 Stars
Father Buries Son
Heal Me
Kill The King
Down To The Valley
Lord Tonight
Bastard Legions
Welcome To Hell
Jiotis Paracharidis - Vocals
Herman Frank - Guitars
Peter Pichl - Bass
Stefan Schwarzmann - Drums
Record Label: Metal Heaven


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