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Hermano - ...Into The Exam Room (CD)

...Into The Exam Room
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 08 January 2008, 10:48 AM

It has been only some weeks since I saw the high and mighty HERMANO playing live here in Athens. The band met every expectation and delivered a hell of a nice show. Now, after that incredible experience, I have the chance to review the band's latest album and I am more than sure that the US rockers will blow our heads off with one more heavy and groovy piece of work. Do you disagree with that? Then you should not be reading this review…

Who can forget the glorious days of KYUSS, when these guys had stolen every rockers and metalheads heart? Albums like Blues For The Red Sun, Wretch and …And The Circus Leaves Town are considered to be classics nowadays, and KYUSS are considered to be the fathers of Stoner. Anyway, one of those guys was the incredible singer John Garcia. After KYUSS split up, ever member followed its own path forming bands like QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE and… HERMANO!

Enough with the past for now, it is time for the future to come and tear everything apart. The US rockers are here presenting their brand new solid Heavy Rock album. …Into The Exam Room is a great album from every aspect. The songs are kick-ass, the production is heavy as fuck and Garcia's vocals remain incredible sending shivers down your spine! The band's new album will make your bones shake with heavy and groovy tunes like Kentucky and Exam Room (two songs that happen to be my favorite ones from this album), as well as softer songs like Dark Horse II and Bona-Fide that will help you burn some brain cells with chill out groovy guitar work and a calm version of John Garcia.

Were you looking for some good and honest Stoner/Heavy Rock? HERMANO just heard your screams and invite you to a 43-minute trip to space and back. Do not compromise for fake pussy stuff when you have the real thing calling for you. HERMANO are here to stay and you have no excuses to miss them!

4 Star Rating

Exam Room
Dark Horse II
Left Side Bleeding
Out Of Key, But In The Mood
Hard Working Wall
Don't Call Your Mama
Adoption Boy
At The Bar
Our Desert Home
Letters From Madrid
John Garcia - Vocals
David Angstrom - Guitars
Mike Callahan - Guitars
Dandy Brown - Bass
Chris Leathers - Drums
Record Label: Suburban Records


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