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Herr Nox - Where Shadows Fade

Herr Nox
Where Shadows Fade
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 26 March 2021, 9:59 AM

There are moments when musicians have such ample musical background that they just say “fuck off, I’ll do things as I want” to create music. And to combine many different musical genres on an album isn’t an easy thing to be done, because the musicians must stay true to themselves, but must create a musical work coherent to charm a set of fans. But the Canadian singer HERR NOX has such courage to blow limits to pieces and to create something really good, as can be heard on “Where Shadows Fade”.

Musically, we can say that Herr Nox focuses his efforts on something that walks between influences from Rock, Gothic Rock, Industrial Rock, Glam Rock and even some bits of Hard Rock. The album sounds somber and melancholic in some moments, on others has an accessible approach similar to 80’s Gothic Rock, so it’s tender, melodic and with a darkened/melancholic ambience filling all the spaces. Yes, it’s very good, and truly catchy. The production worked in a way to gather all the musical contrasts and influences of the songs, and to make sure that the listeners would have the full understanding of what Herr Nox wanted to express. And the goal was achieved, with it’s being clean and defined, but with the residual ‘rough feeling’ that a Rock album must bear. And as guests, the Prime Dame of Dark Rock Lindsay Schoolcraft sings on some songs, Jørgen Munkeby plays saxophone, and Fred Bédard plays the guitar solo on “Black Butterfly”.

“Doomsday” with its heavy keyboards parts and Gothic feeling, the Indie Rock melancholic ambience of “Where Shadows Fade” and “Black Butterfly”, the deep and sad feeling that fills the arrangements of “Gotta Light?”, and the Industrial/Gothic rock mix shown on “Heads Will Roll” are the best ones to begin with, but the more the listener becomes used to the album, the best it will sound. And on Bandcamp version, there’s a remix for “Black Butterfly” that Industrial Rock fans will love.

HERR NOX did a very good work on “Where Shadows Fade”, so let’s hope that the fans of Indie Rock, Gothic Rock and Industrial Rock will taste it. And will love this dark and sweet musical poison…

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Doomsday
2. Where Shadows Fade
3. Black Butterfly
4. The Art of Noise & Silence
5. Gotta Light?
6. Kiss the Butcher's Hand
7. Heads Will Roll
8. The Burning
Herr Nox - Vocals, Synth, Keyboards, Programming, Additional Guitars
Jonathan Guillemette - Guitars, Bass
Record Label: Independent


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