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Hessian - Manegarmr Award winner

by Spyros Stasis at 04 April 2013, 11:28 AM

Mankind, proving its own self-destructive nature, was since the beginning of time obsessed to picture the way in which this world would end. From myths and legends to scientific theories, we have always been trying to predict our own horrifying end, but it looks like one of the most vividly menacing concepts has come from a band from Belgium called HESSIAN. Featuring members of great acts such as AMENRA and THE BLACK HEART REBELLION the four prophets of our impending demise bring a devastating debut album entitled: “Manegarmr”.

So HESSIAN is incorporating metallic influences to their Punk / Crust sound, making their sound much darker than your average crust band, tracks like the opening song “Ascension” and the chaotic “Plague Monger” will try to take your head off with their explosive energy, relentless drumming, old school Punk vibe and Hardcore aggression. What is more intriguing here is that in order for the band to achieve that dark hardcore sound they have included a healthy bit of Black Metal riffology to their song structures, although I could not say that there is a straightforward Black Metal track, the eerie sound of the 90s is present on the guitar leads in songs like “Serpent’s Whisper” and the monumental “Swallowing Nails”.

Obviously that would not be enough. When your concept is the end of the world you got to have some heavy and destructive sludge riffs, and this is another part where HESSIAN leaves you with a smile in your face. The great groove of tracks like “Mourn The World of Man”, can only be outshined by the pure filth of riffs found in “Father of Greed”. Obviously “Manegarmr” has its more peaceful moments, for instance the ending of “Father of Greed” which ties in perfectly with the album’s interlude “Vamacara”, although if you think for a second that the atmosphere in that instance will be less sickening then you are gravelly mistaken, instead of finding a moment of serenity you will feel nauseated by the heavy ambiance of impending doom that these tracks manage to maintain, no worries though soon enough “Swallowing Nails” followed by the equally devastating “Hollow Eyes” will make you realize there is no hope here.

The album closes perfectly with the more interesting track: “Mother Of Light” a terrifying piece in which Sludge influences meet the Black Metal atmosphere with a hardcore attitude, it is the final push to make you comprehend the complete ruin that this album has brought. “Manegarmr” is a true gem of extreme music.  

4 Star Rating

1. Ascension
2. Serpent’s Whisper
3. Mourn The World of Man
4. Plague Monger
5. Father of Greed
6. Vamacara
7. Swallowing Nails
8. Hollow Eyes
9. Manegarmr
10. Mother of Light
Levy Seynaeve - Guitars
Tim Bryon - Drums
Bram Coussement - Vocals
Kenneth Vanhoutte – Bass
Record Label: Southern Lord Records


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