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Hexen - Being And Nothingness Award winner

Being And Nothingness
by YngwieViking at 18 June 2012, 9:28 PM

This quarto locos from California for me a significant part of the Thrash Metal revival movement but also an emblematic case, as they are also the victims of that wave where in the flood each and every band seems to look like the other. Paradoxically the main criticism I heard toward this band were largely because they tend to sound too clean or too proggy. In fact it's true, they sound quite distinctive from your every day generic KREATOR or SLAYER clones.

After the great “State of Insurgency” album in 2008, it’s wasn’t easy to improve their music without betraying their old-school roots and providing some fierce and aggressive riffs but without losing the melodic edge and keeping up the smart musical arrangements. However, they felt highly organic without being pretentious or arrogant. It isn't easy except if you try to be the clever and also be ruthless. Let's say that the safest way lies within the CORONER / DEATH legacy

Along with cotemporary fellows HAVOK / WARBRINGER or VEKTOR, the technical level is impressive and unmatched but always retained from the self-indulgent shredding even in the amazing neo-classic "Nocturne In F Minor" an eight part of the final track clocking at 15 minutes.

For all that tracks like "Private Hell" or "The Nescient" are pure 80's Classic Thrash Metal, and the vocals provided by the bass player are in the harsher bay area fashion, so have no fear my friends, what we have here is a blazing, hot-blooded piece of aggression. Efficient, vicious and smart at the same time. Highly recommended. It stands as the most interesting Thrash Metal album for 2012.

4 Star Rating

1. Macrocosm
2. Grave New World
3. Defcon Rising
4. Private Hell
5. Walk As Many, Stand As One
6. Stream Of Unconsciousness
7. Indefinite Archetype
8. The Nescient
9. Nocturne
     I. Opus 55 No. 1 In Fmin
     II. Out Of Reach
     III. Existential Crisis
     IV. Entrance Of The Absurd
     V. The Unbearable Lightness Of Being
     VI. With Salvation I Persist
     VII. Elegy Of The Night
     VIII. End In Purplexity
Artak Tavaratsyan - Lead Guitar
Ronny Dorian - Lead Guitar
Andre Hartoonian - Lead Vocals / Bass
Carlos Cruz - Drums
Record Label: Pulverised Records


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