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Hexenizer - Witches’ Mentors’ Cult Award winner

Witches’ Mentors’ Cult
by Joseph “Joe” Thundercloud at 01 March 2017, 6:54 PM

Witchcraft is defined as a culturally diverse concept much too complex to be ordered into a single category, due to its social and personal implications and repercussions. The Salem Trials, Talking Black Goats called Black Phillip or gorgeous women that turn into octogenarians as soon as their malevolent plans are obtained are the first things that come to mind when the practitioners of black and white magic alike are mentioned. But from now on a German band lead by a Mexican guitar virtuoso called Andy Charrocker will come to mind whenever the word “Witch” stumbles upon me again.

Before Hexenizer, Iron Witch was the project that allowed the talent of the founder of HEXENIZER to rise through, An Archaic attraction for the occult, in Andy Charrocker’s own words, as long with a power sexual force that governs all is what originated the concept of HEXENIZER. Teaming up with Tom S. on the bass guitar and Andy Schädel as a session drummer they perform an insane example of dark speed metal with classical music influences and some dark ambient in the background that provides this record with a unique atmosphere that immediately connects with any Metal based DNA inside a living breathing human being.

The first thing that came into my mind after listening to the thundering sweep picking guitar riffs that serve as follow up the spoken intro in the first seconds of “Evil’s Witch Force” the minute long tack that introduces the “Witches’ Mentors’ Cult” was how I wish I could have some lessons or at least a Master Class by whomever is behind that killer Axe, shredding  all around, taking no prisoners as it begins to build up and start resembling  Vivaldi’s or Mozart’s melodic movements to give way to Witches’ Violator and the witches' Sabbath along with a bonfire and the naked figures dancing all around are now a reality.

“The Witches’ Table Dance” the sixth track on this album has a progressive felling to it, compelling to one’s imagination, wondering what it would feel like to give in to a witches‘ will, either by a spell casted upon or simply by the natural appeal and attraction provoked by a female dominant figure; subjected to its magic I couldn’t help it but lose myself in the witches’ stare, hoping that the recently signed contract with Inferno Records will allow Hexenizer to tour the world and expand the best features of being able to surround oneself with rebellious magic in order to become a goat in a world of sheep.

By the time it came to the last track I already had drawn a pentagram unconsciously on the note pad laid upon the table infront of me. Staring at the album cover, wondering if I could have been surrounded by beautiful witches just like the guys from HEXENIZER had I continued my musical studies, I guess we will never know.

Some Doom and even stoner elements combined with a teutonic big four atmosphere all together entwined with what appear to be guest appearances by Yngwie Malmsteen, Tony Macalpine or Eddie Van Halen make a “Witches Mentors Cult” a one of a Kind Record and a must in every Metal fan collection.

Songwriting:               10
Originality:                  10
Memorability:               9
Production:                  8

4 Star Rating

1. Evil's Witch Force
2. The Witches Violator
3. Witch Or Bitch
4. I'm Fuckin Bewitched
5. The Fucking Horny Witch Of Hell
6. The Witches' Table Dance
7. Witches' Rage
8. Riding The Witch
9. Paganini & Bach
10. The Witches Sodomizer
11. The Vintage Witches' Swing
12. The Pherominic Call Of The Witch
13. The Witches' Lullaby
Andy Charrocker - Guitars & Vocals .
Tom S. - Bass, Chorus.
Andy Schädel - Session Drummer
Record Label: Inferno Records


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