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Hexenklad - Spirit of the Stone Award winner

Spirit of the Stone
by Brian “Metal” Morton at 02 September 2018, 10:36 PM

Coming from the great country Canada comes HEXENKLAD and their freshman album “Spirit of the Stone”. For fans of INSOMNIUM and MOONSORROW, HEXENKLAD writes about everything from nature to paganism and even enlightenment. I am really happy that I was introduced to this band as well as being able to write this review. So lets jump on into this Folk/Black Metal band shall we?!

Up first we have “In This Life or the Next”, and it does not shy away from starting off with a bang. I honestly don’t know how to single out any of the great musicians on this. I will say the guitar work by Michael Grund and John Chalmers is amazing! The keyboards played by Clare B are exquisite. Timothy Johnston’s vocals fit perfectly as well as Jon Kal on bass. And Andrew Chalmers drum work is ridiculously great! If this shows me how this album is heading I am in for a treat!

“To Whom Veer Sinistral” the second song on the album honestly reminds me of FINNTROLL. Which is a wonderful thing in my opinion. This track makes me feel a bit melancholic but also gives a sense of wonder. You can really feel the passion they put into it. Next we have “At the Ends of Existence” really gets your blood pumping. With its deep riffs, deeper gutterals and ever changing tempo, makes this song epic as hell. It makes me think of if AMON AMARTH went Black Metal. I also love the fact that its a perfect seven minutes and eleven seconds long. Not too long and not too short.

The fourth track “Returned” has a beautiful piano intro and then out of no fucking where Timothy Johnston screams right into your unsuspecting ears and Andrew Chalmers helps blow out your ear drums with his drums. The line  “WE HAVE RETURNED!!!” \\m/ \\m/ This song is my second favorite right behind the previous. Track five is called “At Dusk” sounds evil as hell. Its easily one of the angriest songs on the album and I loved every second of it. To say its great is a huge understatement. “In Waking Tymes” really reminds me of HYPOCRISY. This band is absolutely covering every great style of Metal. They honestly are one of the most versatile bands I have heard in years. “Path to Ruin” is the second to last track on the album. This one is definitely the most Black Metal sounding song on the album. I absolutely love this one, Black Metal and Folk with a hint of of Death. Its like seasoning the perfect dish.

And lastly we have “An Offering” which is the shortest song on the album. But don’t let the length fool you. This melodic finish is just as gorgeous as the rest of the album. Honestly for this being their first album I am in awe. From beginning to end this album has made me feel everything from depression to excitement. I absolutely recommend this beautifully written masterpiece to fans of metal of all genres. I am really looking forward to the next one from HEXENKLAD.

Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 10
Originality: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. In This Life or the Next
2. To Whom Veer Sinistral
3. At the Ends of Existence
4. Returned
5. At Dusk
6. In Waking Tymes
7. Path to Ruin
8. An Offering
Michael Grund – Guitars
John Chalmers – Guitars
Jon Kal – Bass
Andrew Chalmers – Drums
Clare B – Keyboards
Timothy Johnston – Vocals
Record Label: CDN Records


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