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Hexing - Welcome to Salem

Welcome to Salem
by Metal Wim at 28 August 2022, 3:02 PM

Finland is not exactly known for many Thrash Metal bands, but they are there. HEXING being one of them, and now releasing their debut album “Welcome to Salem” on their own accord. Just a fact; SALEM was the original name if the band before they changed it. Good call. As this is a new band, I rely heavily on the information the band provides, and I see that they are giving credit to bands like EXODUS, MEGADETH and STONE. Well, the first two I am a little familiar with, but the third rings nu bells. What I do miss are the bands I hear come by most of the time when there are any comparisons to make; SLAYER and METALLICA. If you’re wondering why I say this, just listen to “Servants of Belial”.

You will hear parts pass by that will remind you of something you heard on “Reign In Blood”, or even “South Of Heaven”. But it could also happen that you are reminded of being listening to “Ride The Lightning” or “Metallica”. Does that matter? Not really, as HEXING have incorporated those parts into their own songs in a respectful and compassionate manner. It’s never so blatant that Lars Ulrich needs to shout that he considers it plagiarism. But it does give you the direction in which you should seek when listening to HEXING.

The voice of Riku Siisiäinen seems to be formed in the depths of Hell, as he does have vocal cords that must look and feel like the moon surface, full of craters and holes. How else can he produce such gravelly tones. What it does is complement the music just right. The Thrash Metal on “Welcome to Salem” is never too fast, not once too slow, but always intense and very much imbedded in the twentieth century. These guys are not of the persuasion that they have to be young, fresh and inventive. No, HEXING would rather rehash what has already been done and give it their own twist.

They have succeeded in doing just that on “Welcome to Salem”. This will take you back to the golden days of Thrash and give you a nice kick up the backside, just to make sure you are headbanging and thrashing around with the rest of them. The only thing that is lacking is that the music I have been listening to is not as good as the originals, but also not so impressive that I am looking forward to playing “Welcome To Salem” time and time again. But it is a pleasant record, that I will not turn off if I ever come across it in the future.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 6
Memorability: 5
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Welcome to Salem
2. Shutdown brain
3. Burn this city
4. Death may die
5. Scream
6. Servants of Belial
7. Whore of Babylon
8. Choose me or choose death
9. Kill list
10. Schizophrenia
Riku Siisiäinen (Vocals)
Mio Asimont (Guitar)
Tuure Suomalainen (Guitar)
Ossi Kylliäinen (Drums)
Ben Kejonen (Bass).
Record Label: Independent


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