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Hexx – Entangled In Sin Award winner

Entangled In Sin
by Will Travers at 03 October 2020, 9:46 AM

The Bay Area, well this doesn’t really need an introduction. With a vast array of Power groups marching out of the area and a dominance of the entire musical sphere for some years, who hasn’t come across the term?! Well, some people will instantly think of the Thrash heydays but, it is possible that groups, other than Thrash have slipped through the net and proven that this is a musically diverse and tasteful area.

HEXX have been around for nigh on 30 years now, with their debut back in 1984 and they have the scars to prove it. As I am sure many of you will know, you do not draw up a history quite as extensive as that of HEXX by being mediocre, or just getting by. No, you have to have something extra, a bit special and toady, ladies and gentlemen, we will see just what that is.

The artwork will stand out to any viewer for its classic stylings, bold imagery that will catch your eye. However, I must say that mine was caught by the GHOSTesque style mask of one of the persons within the image, it appeared very similar to the band’s Nameless Ghoul.

Opening the album is “Watching Me Burn”. Large and impressive chords open the track, building theatrically into the main body, running riffs and driving rhythms pull the song naturally forward, and very anthem like lyrics that you can only see a crowd chanting in unison, this would be a spectacle to see as an opening track. The energy and enthusiasm don’t die and we fly into “Entangled In Sin”. One can begin to hear the stylistic influence that is inevitable of any Bay Area band. Whilst HEXX peddles themselves as a Power Metal band, and they most certainly are, you can certainly begin to hear the Thrash influence with a relentless pounding drum line and fast aggressive riffs.

“Vultures Gather Round”, this just stands out to me for the pure demonstration of the skills of craft from all members, especially guitarists Dan and Bob. The runs and licks that perfectly accent all other facets are just expertly delivered and are a joy to behold. Vocally, Eddy is reminding me of Bruce Dickinson, actually, the whole ensemble is throwing shades of IRON MAIDEN, maybe that is why this resonates with me so much?!

“Beautiful Lies”, “Power Mad” and “Internal Enemy” fly through at a scorching and breakneck speed, before I know it, I am almost halfway through the record. Harmonising guitars, a strong vocal performance, hard driving drums, all shored up by the foundation of any good music, the bass. The next three tracks are also solidly written, but I can’t help but notice the unwavering energy and tenacity of John behind his drum set, the man just does not seem to tire!

 “Over But the Bleeding” is our official last song. A softer approach with emphasis on the melodic elements that really polish off an absolutely immaculate performance.

But wait. There’s more! There are three bonus tracks, including 2 rerecorded tracks from HEXX’s 1984 debut, which I have to say has aged so so well! “Signal 30 I-5” is a demonstration that the stalwarts of Metal have still got every bit of talent, skill and overall badassedness to produce hit after hit. Whilst both “Night Of Pain” and “Terror” are just as delectable today as their initial releases.

Overall, this is a fantastic album. As I alluded to earlier, there is a reason why HEXX has been so successful for so long and that is demonstrated in each and every track on this album. If you are a fan of Bay Area Thrash, Power Metal or just good fucking music in general, then get this record. No if’s no buts and I won’t tell you twice.

Song writing: 10
Originality: 8
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Watching Me Burn
2. Entangled In Sin
3. Vultures Gather Round
4. Powerful Lies
5. Power Mad
6. Internal Enemy
7. Strive The Grave
8. Touch Of The Creature
9. Wise To The Ways World
10. Over But The Bleeding
11. Signal 30 I-5
12. Night Of Pain
13. Terror
Eddy Vega – Vocals
Dan Watson – Guitar
Bob Wright – Guitar
Don Wood – Bass
John Shafer – Drums
Record Label: High Roller Records


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