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Hey Clown - Hey Clown

Hey Clown
Hey Clown
by Jessica Howkins at 06 August 2014, 3:12 PM

Ontario born band HEY CLOWN are here with their latest 7 minute long, yes, 7 minutes EP.

The EP is a loud, thunderous foot stomping quickie but nothing more, something so short should be leaving the listener for more and sadly this doesn’t do that. There is no doubt that these guy would create a great atmosphere at their concerts (despite imagining a ton of kids who windmill their arms in pits, yes those people) but studio wise? There is a ton that needs to be doing.

Musically it’s there, it’s heavy, it’s got the recipe to head bang along, to open up the pits, to get sweaty but what lets it down is the vocals personally. Sure, not everybody can sing like a Disney princess or give the harsh just about understandable vocals like Nathan Explosion/Brendon Small but it’s very hard to appreciate the vocals on this EP, if you love the Hardcore scene in Rock/Metal such as bands like maybe EMMURE or MISS MAY I alongside many other bands pouring out the cracks then maybe you might get into their style a bit quicker if you’re not.

Overall the band display a fair amount of talent given the right production and time to develop together, it just isn’t working right now sadly for them.

Having said that for the Ontario five-piece – If HEY CLOWN keep improving each time, they’ll be charging into the world of Metal taking down everything in their path.

1 Star Rating

1. Side Arm
2. The Gardiner
3. Yellow Jacket
Toui Manikhouth
Dave Pettigrew
Andrew Rous
Cody Morris
Andrew Shaw

No Instruments Listed
Record Label: Independent


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