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Hibria - Hibria

by Daniel Fox at 09 August 2015, 5:10 PM

The “heavy” of the heavy bands to come out of Brazil, HIBRIA have been able to enjoy well-deserved fame over the last 8+ years following their stellar break-out release, appreciated massively in their homeland, sharing the stage with Metal’s biggest bands, and enjoying equally ravenous support from Japan. 2015 sees a self-titled followup to 2013’s “Silent Revenge”, displaying the band’s heaviest and punchiest recording yet; though is it their best?

Although existing since 1996, they have (including this) released 5 records, and well established their sound as a dynamic threading of Heavy, Power, Thrash and Progressive Metal. They’re not a heavier ANGRA or a more melodic KRISIUN or a cleaner SEPULTURA, but rather, seem to take the best of all worlds of Brazil’s diverse metal pool. “Hibria” begins with “Pain”, a rather curious number. It kicks off the album the way an opening track should; a fast, upbeat and explosive cannonball. It demonstrates the band’s love for incorporated wild and diverse chord progressions, choppy rhythms and an extremely ‘busy’ bassist, whose frenetic slapping can be heard later in the track, and pocketed in other parts of the album. Even incorporating “Funk Metal” passages and curious smattering of trumpets, we’re instantly reminded we’re listening to a Brazilian band, that there’s no point in holding any expectations, because you’re going to be sorely off the mark. In a different ballpark, “Tightrope” is one of the album’s fastest, most aggressive and rhythmically technical, it transitions from Thrashy moments to periods of heavy and catchy groove, and contains infectious choruses. “Life”, which follows, is a strange piece since while it sounds like it could end up treading ballad territories, it never quite crosses over, containing powerful riffs and explosive vocal passages displaying immense range, albeit its more sombre moments, and overall being a slow piece.

Whilst I couldn’t help but feel an ounce of monotony in the later half of the record, which comes across as not nearly as adventurous as the first 5 tracks, “Church” happens to be one of my absolute favourites on the record. Containing the record’s fastest and most technical moments, and introductory series of riffs that lands punches directly on your brain, it experiences a brief period of calm with virtuosic soloing and remarkably changes pace and atmosphere, from soul-crushing to uplifting. The impression I get from a couple of tracks, is me enjoying particular moments, without the tracks truly ‘grabbing’ me in entirety; a feeling I experienced in monsters such as “Tightrope” and “Church”. A fantastic and strong release, nonetheless.

4 Star Rating

1. Pain
2. Abyss
3. Tightrope
4. Life
5. Ghosts
6. Legacy
7. Ashamed
8. Church
9. Fame
10. Words
11. Life (Orchestral Version)
Iuri Sanson - Vocals
Abel Camargo - Guitars
Renato Osorio - Guitars
Benhur Lima - Bass
Eduardo Baldo - Drums
Record Label: Power Prog


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