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Hibria - Me7amorphosis

by Metal Wim at 05 June 2022, 1:41 PM

Melodic Power and Speed Metal from Brazil, that is exactly what you will get from HIBRIA. This band has been around since 1996, so at 26 years old they are a very mature unit. And the fact that this is their eighth full length studio album only enhances that feeling. And yet, I have never encountered them before. That doesn’t surprise me, because it has taken quite some time before a lot of the South American bands have been able to make their music more accessible world-wide. HIBRIA has succeeded, though, and I think that a lot of people could be glad about this.

“Me7amorphosis” is very Melodic, but also very much Power Metal. The voice of Victor Emeka perfectly fills all the gaps where necessary. The musicians are all very good as well, as everything is played in a very competent and easily comfortable manner. Unfortunately the Speed factor is the lesser of the three types of music they play, and therein lies the crux for me. It all is just that bit too nice, too sedated, too clean. When colouring their music they have stayed within the lines just a bit too rigorous. If they would have dared to stray a little more, I would have liked this a lot more.

Thing is, the songs are all quite good. But they do sound like a lot of their Italian colleagues that have made this kind of Power Metal, only in a lot more impressive manner. Think of early RHAPSODY and such. Those bands actually made quite the impression. And although HIBRIA has done as much as they physically can, in my ears it just has been done in such a way that makes the songs on “Me7amorphosis” a tad too easy to forget.

I’m sure that despite my reservations there will be a lot of people that will enjoy HIBRIA and “Me7amorphosis “. But I also believe that they are able to reach out to a lot more Metal lovers if they would their mind to it. I feel that, if they want to get noted on a more expansive way I feel that letting go of the boundaries and dare to go further into the outfield than they have ever done before could be the way forward. Because I do feel that HIBRIA  has the line-up and quality to achieve just that. I really do hope they will go for it.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 5
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. War Cry
2. Shine
3. Meaning Of Life
4. Fearless Will
5. I Am So Lonely
6. Raging Machine
7. Skyline Of the Soul
8. The Racer
9. Tribal Mark
10. A Storm To Heal
Victor Emeka - Lead Vocals
Thiago Baumgarten - Bass
Abel Camargo - Guitar
Bruno Godinho - Guitar
Otávio Quiroga - Drums
Record Label: Avalon


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