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Hicsos - Circle Of Violence Award winner

Circle Of Violence
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 27 April 2014, 7:11 PM

Be prepared for explicit violence in form of music when dealing with Brazilian Thrash Metal band HICSOS, from Rio de Janeiro lands. They’ll rip your ears apart if you get too near.

Yes, it’s an aggressive and veteran band from Brazil, doing music for 20 years, but it’s not an Old School band in the strict way. They evolve, so you’ll hear on “Circle of Violence” a band that not stay on the past, but is going to the future with open eyes, and keeping their musical roots.

Even being a veteran, the level of brutality and aggressiveness here is something that is astonishing, but obviously they keep some melodies and technical arrangements. The vocals are extremely aggressive (having a good technique of singing), the guitars are something insane on riffs and solos (these guys are on Hanneman/King school, having some touches from MOTORHEAD as well), bass is firm on the rhythm, and the drums are a heavy and technical artillery, nothing is left to say. So take care with your neighbors after hearing this CD loud as it deserves!

Recorded at HCS Studios in Rio de Janeiro (a Meeca for Metal bands here), a clear and aggressive sound production is what awaits you, abrasive all the time and keeping a good quality to the point you’ll hear all arrangements clear and the instruments, but when you see the names of Heros Trench and Marcelo Popeu on mixing and mastering, you’ll understand the reason for this. And the graphical work, done by Obsidian Design agency is something between the beauty and violence, as the band’s music is that way.

The great massacres: “Can’t Hang Terror” (well worked, excellent drumming and good tempos), “What You Reap” (a violent storm of guitars and drums, with great chorus), the slower “Now You’re Dead” (with excellent bass works), “Needles” (great riffs. Vocals and solos on Fast Eddie Clarke’s way) and “Money Become God” (where the presence of modern elements are clear). But have in mind all tracks are extremely fine and good.

Very, very good work, indeed!

5 Star Rating

1. Can’t Hang Terror
2. What You Reap
3. Now You’re Dead
4. Mirror Eyes
5. Destruction
6. Needles
7. Burn in Hell
8. Black Rain
9. Horrospital
10. Money Becomes God
11. Prision Without Walls
12. Angel Ripped
Marco Anvito – Bass, vocals
Antônio Saba – Guitars
Celso Rossatto – Guitars
Marcelo Ledd – Drums
Record Label: Laser Company


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