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Hidden Masters - Of This And Other Worlds Award winner

Hidden Masters
Of This And Other Worlds
by Joellen "FreshMetalGal" Patterson at 22 July 2013, 3:28 PM

Once upon a 60s day in Glasgow, the town’s most famous rock trio fled a lovesick mob of fan-girls; popped into a police box (*cough* Tardis) to phone the coppers and before they could say “Holy ROLLING STONES,” they found themselves in the 21st century. No, really…..Okay, okay, not really, but you’d swear it was so after giving HIDDEN MASTERS’ recent release, “Of This And Other Worlds,” a listen.

“Grey Walls Grey” is definitely THE DOORS getting groovy with tight harmonies that would rival the MAMAS AND PAPAS. You might even swear along the way that THE DOORS and young ELVIS COSTELLO entered the studio together for a track or two. A whiff of the Middle Eastern riffs of THE ROLLING STONES“Paint It Black” are to be sensed in “Nobody Knows That We’re Here.” Listen out for a Sergeant Pepperish interlude a la BEATLES, as well.

For all the 60s references offered here, that’s not all in the ingredient list for this feast of an album. But don’t let me explain the buffet to you, dear reader. Make a game of it. Take note of where you find the incense of psychedelic, the fizz of pop, the tang of metal, the smoke of jazz, and the pungency of the garage influences. It takes study, practice and hours of listening to the greats of the 50s through 70s to prepare this kind of spread. It’s not just a medley of melodic vegatalia stir-fried and tossed on the music verse’s plate. HIDDEN MASTERS are master chefs in their kitchen and you must taste it all for yourself. I know you’ll find heaping helpings to pile upon your plate!

An additional side dish….I’ve heard told that HIDDEN MASTERS are a sight and sound to behold at live gigs. So, dear reader, if you are anywhere near Stirling, UK between August 23-25, check them out at the “Doune The Rabbit HoleFestival”

4 Star Rating

1. She Broke The Clock Of The Long Now
2. Into The Night Sky
3. Perfume
4. See You In The Dark
5. Last Days Of The Sun
6. There Are More Things
7. Nobody Knows That We're Here
8. Like Candy
9. Grey Walls
10. Fall In Line
David Addison - Guitar, Vocalד
Alasdair C. Mitchell - Bass, Piano, Organ, Vocals
John Nicol - Drums, Vocals
Record Label: Metal Blade Records / Rise Above Records


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