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Hidden In The Fog - Abstract Maelstrom Paragon (CD)

Hidden In The Fog
Abstract Maelstrom Paragon
by Andrew Bregoulas at 29 July 2004, 11:30 PM

My first experience with this group was back in 2000 with their mini album Into the Moonlight's Cold Embrace (a five track demo cassette issued in 1998). Hidden in the Fog is a German band with lots of good ideas in creating music. All songs are very technical and these guys are really good musicians.
This group is inspired by the old school of Black Metal and little bit by epic Metal in the vein of Darkthrone and Bathory. Abstract Maelstrom Paragon starts off with the an awesome intro which prepares us for the second track, called Mirages Of Redemption. Their playing style is mostly fast Black Metal drumming with epic riffs and keyboards as background effects. The third track is raw Black Metal with a doomy touch and some fast sides filling this song. The title track is in my opinion the highlight on this album, full of sadness, agony, rottenness and death!
H.I.T.F. knows how to construct good songs but this is not the top of the band's ability. They can be more impressive and atmospheric if they want to. The last song is a mix of lots of styles; more Heavy Metal riffs, distorted and clean vocals and a fast double-bass drumming. The entire album is very good and it needs a good listening in order to unlock all the perfect aspects of this group. I'll surely be waiting for their next album.

3 Star Rating

Mirages Of Redemption
Nautilus (Swimming Trough Oblivion)
Abstract Maelstrom Paragon
Dignity's Fall
Ghash - Lead, Rhythm & Clean Guitars, Orchestration & Vocals
Gorbag - Lead, Rhythm & Clean Guitars
Draug Carcharoth - Bass
Botis - Drums & Orchestration
Record Label: Twillight Vetrieb


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