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Hiddent - Where Light Ceases To Exist

Where Light Ceases To Exist
by Andrew Harvey at 16 June 2022, 3:26 PM

A trio of Chilean musicians as they take on a black metal, atmospheric and the came together in 2012 providing us with a demo titled SUMMONING THE EXISTENTIAL RITUAL consisting of six tracks. The trio of black metal grinders are fronted by singer/guitarist ADSARTH followed by bassist/vocalist L.G. HIDDENT and drummer/keys player ERMIT FERRIS. Their debut album TO THRONE OF ESSENCE came in 2015 and introduced the listener to the gloomy, deadly and explosive force of nature. Now the Chilean are back on the scene with their follow up album titled WHERE THE LIGHT CEASES TO EXIST released through Sun & Moon Records.

This second album opens with a short 2 minute track “Last Winter Ritual” with mellow guitar picking as the tone is set for the next track. “Where The Light Ceases To Exist” blasts with riveting chariots of guitar on fire as drums creep in too. Drums take the slow rhythm to set the tempo nicely for the guitar and vocals to fly around the audio spectrum. The gothic vocal layer is drizzling and the main lead vocal parts are soaked with cunning guitar riffs but more sustained throughout. The contrast before the two vocal lines are well balanced and very effective sonically as well as musically speaking.

The more satanic vocal part takes change for a short time before the gothic secondary vocal part returns repeating what was heard before. “Delirium Tremens” kicks off with delayed echoes of mellow sounding guitar. Suddenly, a thrashing bolt of drumming merges with other instrumentation as the secondary vocal line also reappears. The lead vocals are dominant later on in this track as the mood is very much occultic and possessed with haunting soundscape. We now go into the next track chapter of this album which is titled “Under A Shadow Reflection” as we hear continued black metal guitar accompanied by other instrumentation.

A more subtle bass tone is in the spotlight as they’re joined by other elements plus cymbal hits. This leads to a collision course of drums, bass, electric guitar and vocals. This sets us up for the following track which is “Manifest Liminal Return” with similar guitar playing, but drums take a slightly different course of action. Sustained vocal notation is also present as the choked vocals also slip in with determination. There is a slow decay in volume but all instruments apart from vocal remains as we head into the penultimate track. “Behind The Ashes” burns as vocals are setting the light for an explosive return for energetic vocals and guitar ploughing through the audio spectrum.

We hear how desperate and tormented the vocal lyrics are as drums & bass guitar support all the way. Vocals screech as well as we also hear metallic drumming following its calling of hell raising vocal treatment. The grand finale “Immersed Into The Consciousness” is off with melodic guitar tone as drumming goes mental but the track is kept together nicely. The secondary vocal line is a bit different then before as it is cleaner and less subtle, pushed more towards the centre of the audio spectrum. This final track is also the longest in duration clocking in at 10 minutes but it certainly does not let the listener down as it is consistent. Guitar is sustained as drumming continuously where vocals ascend into the higher throne looking over all the other instruments.

A sombre guitar and piano outro signals the end is in sight as we approach the closure of this album. Overall this album is great, certainly dark but genuinely well produced, the instrumentation is well arranged as well. The atmospheric black metal is concise and the vocas provide the mood or tone as they lead the group track by track. Nevertheless a very good album and I would like to hear more from these Chilean musicians, soon very soon I hope.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Last Winter Ritual
2. Where Light Ceases To Exist
3. Delirium Tremens
4. Under A Shadow Reflection
5. Manifest Liminal Return
6. Behind The Ashes
7. Immersed Into The Consciousness
Adsarth - Vocals & Guitars
L.G. Hiddent - Bass Guitar & Vocals
Ermit Ferris - Drums & Keys
Record Label: Sun & Moon Records


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