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Hideous Divinity - Cobra Verde Award winner

Hideous Divinity
Cobra Verde
by Matt "Wolverine" Johnson at 14 November 2014, 12:45 AM

Invoking the most grotesque style of Death Metal on their new album "Cobra Verde" HIDEOUS DIVINITY have put forth a monster effort worthy of high praise. This is exactly the album that their fans should expect, as it kicks total ass. I hope you have condoms for your earholes because they're gonna get fucked and you'll love every second of it.

Starting off with a moderate groove, "In My Land I Was A Snake" opens up in an intriguing manner and the steady pace of the percussions slowly gives way to the perpetual blistering fury so typical of this band's forte. Nearly 8 minutes long, it provides a great foundation.

Immediately after the opening song, the guitar work gets more technical, darker, and blissfully heavier. That's totally to be expected and the band has gladly obliged. Such lovely arpeggios, tempo changes, technical riffs, and talented solos give this album much to appreciate. Everything about "Cobra Verde" screams brutal in the typical Death Metal fashion that you'd expect from a style similar to a cross between CANNIBAL CORPSE and something like VISCERAL DISGORGE or NILE, though without the extremely low grunts on vocals.

Overall, the recording is fantastic and each hit of the snare resonates clean through your eardrums. The style present over the album remains consistent throughout and I never felt like I was hearing the same song over and over, or that the entire album sounded like one song all strung together like a bunch of Christmas lights with decapitated skulls for bulbs.

It's obvious to me that a lot of thought was given into the effort of making each song unique in its own way while not sacrificing any of the values that make HIDEOUS DIVINITY the stalwarts of Death Metal which they have become.

Let it be known that "Cobra Verde" is not merely just an album, but a metaphorical snake whose music is ready to strike you and take you down, where your axillary insides will be digested by the venom of the absolute unrelenting brutality that makes me really happy in my pants regions. Did I mention that this would be one sick monster of an album to hear live? Because it would be. People who are an audience to the delectable treats heard on this album are most fortunate. Definitely a spectacular release to have in the collection of any HIDEOUS DIVINITY fan.

4 Star Rating

1. In My Land I Was a Snake
2. The Somber Empire
3. Cobra Verde
4. Salt in the Martyr's Tear
5. Sinister and Demented
6. Desolation Within
7. The Alonest of the Alone
8. Adjinakou
9. The Last and Only Son
Enrico H. - Vocals
Antonio - Guitars
Stefano - Bass
Enrico - Guitars
Giulio - Drums
Record Label: Unique Leader Records


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