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Hideous Divinity - Adveniens Award winner

Hideous Divinity
by Andrej Romić (Nekrst Fanzine) at 10 April 2017, 4:29 PM

The well-known Italian Technical Death Metal band, HIDEOUS DIVINITY, have returned once again - for the third time in a row - with a brutal, massive, and lengthy album! This time this new album is also coming out via my favourite label ever Unique Leader Records - on April 28th, so, not a lot of time is left until this beast will finally drop onto the Earth’s surface.

This is the third release from this band, so lots of things should be expected from it. Their demo from 2007, called “Sinful Star Necrolatry” was a nice start; I assume the demo was written in Norway, where the band was originally formed, however, the band currently resides in Italy. Many years have passed since the release of the demo - 5, to be exact - and the band had finally returned with their debut full-length “Obeisance Rising” in 2012. It was a massive record - full of brutal riffs, extreme vocals, and a more classic and technical Brutal Death Metal-oriented approach.

Only two years have passed since their debut, and the follow up to it was “Cobra Verde”, which was a highly expected follow-up indeed. Although only two years have passed, the band really spared no riffs, nor vocals on it, nor the incredibly brutal technical atmospheres, and in contrast to the debut, this album was more of a Technical Death Metal record with some brutality mixed into it. Now that they are about to release their new record “Adveniens”, prepare for a massive mix of the previous 2 albums, and maybe something new, too. The record, just like the previous two, has some grandiose artwork done by Vladimir Chebakov, who’s a new name, since the previous album was painted by Andrzej Kuziola.

The record starts off with “Ages Die”. I experienced some classic HIDEOUS DIVINITY influences, and an example of that could be the drumming. This track is pretty long - being longer than 6 minutes - and it was the first one to be debuted by the band online. When the vocals kicked in and I had a huge flashback to when I first heard “A New Hope of Worms”, the fifth track from their debut. So far, I concluded that the band was using some of their older material again, in an original and fresh way. The vocals on this track are sharper than ever, the riffs are incredible, the bass is incredible and crystal clear. The vocal types are various - some are screams, some are deep growls, but the overall atmosphere is incredibly Technical and Brutal. It instantly stayed in my head.

Sub Specie Aeternitatis” then starts off with guitar riffs, drums, and vocals that are deeper than on the previous track. I got a strong vibe of their earlier material, yet still a bit sharpened and modernised. Although this record is only 48:03 minutes long, I guarantee that you’ll get lost in it…whilst blasting it on full volume.

Some might struggle to differentiate HIDEOUS DIVINITY between today’s Italian Death Metal bands, but trust me, the difference is absolutely present. The latter track is among the longer ones, too, and it contains nasty solos, brutal-as-hell vocals, and a lot of tempo and riff changing; it’s awesome. “Passages” is the third track, and it is definitely the longest one on “Adveniens”, with 7:28 minutes. I was mostly waiting to play this one. It starts off with a short, silent intro, which is torn to pieces by the sharp vocals, and I must say, although I was only at the third track, I had a strong feeling things will cook up to be way faster and way more brutal than thus far. This track also contains an instant guitar solo. The vocals are shifting between screaming and growling ones. The riffs might sound a bit monotonic, but if you focus, you’ll see that they’re not. This has got to be my favorite track! The atmosphere is blood chilling and goose-bump-giving, and the key to understanding the music that HIDEOUS DIVINITY is playing is to drown in the amazing technical abilities and to appreciate all those complex riffs that manage to remain so fast and technical, but still very raw and brutal in their own way.

Recently, the fourth song off of the album, “Angel of Revolution” also made its debut online, and I must say that I enjoyed this track a lot, with it being semi-long - a bit over 5 minutes, but trust me, the band has a lot more hiding in their pockets. You should be the judge on this track; it’s not bad, I, personally, liked it. “Feeding Off the Blind” feels like a track you should definitely give a listen to; mostly because it’s a track with a strong message, referring to the blind masses of nowadays that following religious and political propaganda, blindly, as one could say. The music is awesome, but I still think they have something amazing to show. Don’t think that my short explanation of the last few tracks is a bad sign, though; I’m just saving my energy for the good stuff. Basically, this track is a semi-fast one. It’s not too focused on speed, more on the overall atmosphere, which is incredibly creepy with its deep guitar tone and amazing vocals. One thing is a must to note, the band started to use a lot more guitar solos, which wasn’t too typical of them in the past, and that’s a huge plus.

When Flesh Unfolds” is kind of what I was looking for!! - My second favourite so far. This track is incredibly brutal, and this is the exactly the band I fell in love with back in the day, and this track showcases the true power of this amazing band - their true power of original and incredibly brutal riffs, energetic drumming, and incredibly nasty and high-pitched vocal types. Although it is the shortest track on the album – only 3:29 minutes long - I loved it; it’s absolutely on point. It’s energetic, fast, atmospheric and brutal - this is the classic yet revised band we all like and love.

 “Messianica” also doesn’t mess around. What I’m trying to say is some of the previous tracks were a bit more focused on the atmosphere - having a sharp and nice sound - yet this track is like “fuck that” and is just a straight kick to the face track; short, but excellent.

We move on to the last original track by the band (since the last one will be a cover). “Future in Red” has a brutal intro - although most of them had one - this one is kind of a fair goodbye from the album. I’m seriously out of words - and kind of out of breath too. They have improved a lot, some might not like them, but I doubt they will change their already perfect sound - which can only improve.

Now, off to an interesting cover. “Embodiment of Chaos” was originally released by the legendary Dutch Death Metal band SINISTER, and it’s a pleasure to hear this new, more Technical version. The band experimented just a bit on the tunings, but remained absolutely true to this still amazing track. The guitars are deep and the vocals are in the classic style of HIDEOUS DIVINITY. Yet still, what I hear is sped up SINISTER, and that’s awesome. It is a brutal cover and I’m glad that they covered this amazing song; respect for that.

Check out the latest album by these fine Italian gentlemen if you’re into HOUR OF PENANCE, BLOODTRUTH, or DECEPTIONIST.

Songwriting:  10
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

  1. Ages Die
  2. Sub Specie Aeternitatis
  3. Passages
  4. Angel of Revolution
  5. Feeding off the Blind
  6. When Flesh Unfolds
  7. Messianica
  8. Future in Red
  9. Embodiment of Chaos (SINISTER Cover)
Enrico H. Di Lorenzo - Vocals
Enrico Schettino - Guitars
Giulio Galati - Drums
Stefano Franceschini - Bass
Giovanni Tomassucci - Guitars
Record Label: Unique Leader Records


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Edited 29 March 2023

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