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High On Fire ­- Luminiferous Award winner

High On Fire
by Matt "Wolverine" Johnson at 30 June 2015, 7:13 PM

Stoner/Groove Metal pioneers, stalwarts, and legends HIGH ON FIRE are back in the news for nothing less than the release of their seventh full­-length album (eighth if you count their 2005 live album)! "Luminiferous" demonstrates a dominating effort to remain true to their staple sound while furthering their innovative style over the course of nine tracks and over 53 minutes of punishing playing time. There is enough sludge-­fuzz distortion and killer solos here to completely fill the room with smoke, if you know what I mean!

For fans of their trademark heavy sound and monstrous lyrics, you will not be disappointed! This is very much the kind of theme music you would expect to hear as you are standing atop an epic mountain, arms outstretched beneath dark clouds and lightning bursting all around. For example, if "Dark Side of the Compass" does not get you feeling motivated, I feel bad for you, and if the following track "The Cave" (with its BLACK LABEL SOCIETY­-crossed-­with-­DOWN rhythm and vocals) does not trip you out with that crazy flange, then you will probably never understand the buzz unless you dabble with psychotropic intoxicants.

I cannot overstate the monumental construct that this album represents. Despite all of the songs having the same general constituents, they each have their own character and carry some serious weight on their own. From the semi­-Grungy "Lethal Chamber" to the Thrash charisma of "Slave The Hive" there is no shortage of extremes.

For Internet Radio users, the HIGH ON FIRE station boasts a range of similar bands such as MASTODON, THE SWORD, CROWBAR, and even BLACK SABBATH, making any Metalhead one happy camper and I speak from experience since my own Pandora profile has been stuck on this band since I found out they were coming out with this album. "Luminiferous" has so far been hailed as a perfect follow­up to 2012's "De Vermis Mysteriis" and I am more than inclined to follow that declaration. I am personally anxious to see how well it does over the course of time since its release!

This album has everything great that HIGH ON FIRE have to offer. That ever­-reliable riff-age, the trusted vocals that have kept Matt Pike in the spotlight, even after the downfall of his former band SLEEP, and the crazy rhythms and drums that have kept the fans head-banging for more than a decade and a half. There is no doubt that “Luminiferous" will gain a spot as a favorite album of 2015 for listeners far and wide! So like the title suggests, prepare to see the light!

4 Star Rating

1. The Black Plot
2. Carcosa
3. The Sunless Years
4. Slave The Hive
5. The Falconist
6. The Dark Side Of The Compass
7. The Cave
8. Luminiferous
9. The Lethal Chamber
Matt Pike ­ - Vocals & Guitars
Jeff Matz ­ - Bass
Des Kensel ­ - Drums
Record Label: Century Media


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Edited 31 January 2023

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