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High Risk - Dawn at the Alamo (Reissue)

High Risk
Dawn at the Alamo (Reissue)
by Justin "Witty City" Wittenmeier at 09 April 2018, 7:06 AM

HIGH RISK is a band based out of Texas, who formed in the 80’s.  They never seemed to get off the ground but have made a comeback in recent years.  As such, Arkeyn Steel Records have reissued their first two demos, 1988’s “High Risk” and 1990’s “Dawn at the Alamo” into one massive collection.  It is always hard to review/judge demo releases because, obviously, they are not the finished product and may not be the real vision the band ever intended.

However, HIGH RISK, are a solid, if unremarkable, band who do their classic Power/Heavy Metal/Southern Groove sound justice.  Tracks one thru seven, feature Rick Espinoa as the frontman and he definitely has a high pitched wail, reminiscent of the classic Power Metal bands.  At times, he does sing out of tune but there isn’t denying the power behind his lungs.  Musically the band plays fast paced Classic/Power Metal with some groove thrown in.  It is a solid formula but it’s been done better by other bands of the time period, such as early PANTERAGonzalez really shines on the guitar solos, which offer a nice balance between shred and technicality.  He is the one remaining member of the band through the years and he holds everything together, as his solos often are the piece that links the song together. Jimenez is the real star of the demo…..his bass shines through on each track with its focused quirkiness.

The rest of the tracks, from their first demo, I actually enjoy a little more because it’s a bit more adventurous and the vocalist, Ronald Guerra, is much better, as is the drummer Ralph Tello.  I can’t help but feel that if this lineup had lasted then perhaps they would have a better place in history.  These demos are a solid listen but not some essential piece of Metal history you need.  The 80’s was the heyday for Metal and so many bands made their mark during the decade that this just doesn’t compare to the classics.

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 6
Memorability: 6
Production: 5

3 Star Rating

1. Cry
2. Dawn at the Alamo
3. Love or Murder
4. City of the Dead
5. Dealer of Death
6. The Final Sign
7. Land of Oz
8. High Risk
9. The Battlefield
10. Lost Dreams
11. Suicide
12. Lost Forever
13. In Your Worst Nightmare
14. Does It Feel the Same
(Tracks 1 - 7):

Rick Espinosa – Vocals
Dan Jimenez – Bass
Joe Gonzalez – Guitar
Arthur Ramos – Drums

(Tracks 8 - 14):

Ronald Guerra – Vocals
Ramsey Guerra – Bass
Joe Gonzalez – Guitar
Ralph Tello -  Drums
Record Label: Arkeyn Steel Records


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