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High Spirits - Escape!

High Spirits
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 15 September 2017, 5:09 PM

At least this time it wasn’t an actual teaser, but a sort of a finish up. In a way I like it when a band has what could be deemed as leftovers, so instead of putting them as bonuses for far East Asia, why not just issue them as an EP? Another piece of promotion right there on the spot. Chris Black, the brains behind the Hard Rock / Heavy Metal act HIGH SPIRITS, might have done the same, even if there is a slight chance of different definitions to the deed. Almost a year since HIGH SPIRITS released their “Motivator” album, Black surprises with “Escape!”, via their label High Roller Records. It is an EP bearing four songs, which apparently were written in the sessions of the latest album. Always good to have an extra bit of good spirit Rock N ‘Roll.

It is all about the easy living when listening to “Escape!”, nothing complex or technically overbearing, typical NWOBHM vibe and proto Speed Metal al’a MOTORHEAD reigning through the tracks. Black proclaimed earlier that the band is all about the songs, he was right about that indeed, probably part of the reason why the classic oriented riffs, virtually out of the vintage period of the genre in the UK, are utterly basic along with a lead guitar line that is immensely hooking and with a direct context to each song. Let the vocals do the talking and lead the charge. Generally, to be honest, “Escape!” felt quite soothing, laid back kind of music, sitting down and enjoying the fun.

“Lonely Nights” speaks for itself, the album’s primary track in my bill, an atmospheric crunchy Hard Rock, a true 80s devotee, as if worshiping the cold nights, and for once immersed by a lead guitar section that does the trick. The Hard Rock fusion of “Stagefright” and the energetic self-titled “Escape!”, will enable the listener to experience Black’s journey throughout the 80s decade, the former being a catchy hit while the latter spices things up with punchy beats to shake things a little, taking away the atmosphere created, letting it dry out for a bit. Too bad that “Feels Like Rock and Roll” was somewhat weary both vocally and musically, lacks the spirit of the other three songs, no more than a decent effort with a nice title.

Now I need to listen to “Motivator” to see what I missed, however, I think that “Escape!” is a fine introduction to this band, or one man show if you wish to call it that way, and not for mainly old school freaks like me.
Purchase Link: High Roller Records

3 Star Rating

1. Escape
2. Stagefright
3. Feels Like Rock and Roll
4. Lonely Nights
Chris Black – Vocals / All Instruments
Record Label: High Roller Records


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