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Highland Queen - Highland Queen (Reissue)

Highland Queen
Highland Queen (Reissue)
by Kyle Scott at 17 April 2018, 4:41 PM

HIGHLAND QUEEN was a prime candidate for mMtal fame in the 80s. With a MOTLEY CRUE/TWISTED SISTER attitude and a penchant for KISS inspired lyrics, they only got as far as releasing a demo and an EP before they went off the map (Speaking of CRUE, HIGHLAND QUEEN actually has a cover of them on this release). Something tells me they could’ve had a chance if they held out, but whatever the circumstances that prevented them from going on, their compilation album stands as a testament to their efforts, and what efforts!

No one can deny HIGHLAND QUEEN’s ferocious energy. They come on, ready to beat down the door to your home, aiming to reduce the place to cinders. A good example of Party Metal at its finest, HIGLAND QUEEN delivers some choice riffs in “Living after Midnight”. But no, it’s not a JUDAS PRIEST cover. “Living After Midnight” features high pitched vocals courtesy of lead Patrick Zamparini channeling a little Stephen Bishop during the chorus. “Break Out” has a perfect chorus that grabs your attention no matter what. It’s downright infectious! Christian Longavesne is a madman on the lead guitar. “R. U. Ready” really doesn’t give a damn if you aren’t ready. It gave you fair enough warning reading the song title, so you have no one to blame but yourself for not being prepared. I was especially enticed by the bass stylings of Claude Brame, and Christian loses his shit over his fretwork. In the furious “Get Out”, I can only imagine what girl played with HIGHLAND QUEEN’s hearts so terribly to warrant such an angry chorus.

HIGHLAND QUEEN’s self-titled compilation album is an 80s Metal fan’s dream. They harken back to a simpler time of spandex, hairspray and probably/definitely cocaine involved in at least some of the music production. Energetic, unrelenting with a surprisingly good taste for tiger print, HIGHLAND QUEEN does not want 80s Metal to follow the path of Disco.

Originality: 8
Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Living After Midnight
2. Break Out
3. Feel Right
4. R. U. Ready
5. Get Out
6. Call of the Hell
7. Open Your Eyes
8. Live Wire (Motely Crue Cover) (live)
9. Highway to the top (live)
Claude Brame - Bass
Pascal Dolinard - Drums
Bernard Deleruelle - Backing Guitars
Christian Longavesne - Lead Guitars
Patrick Zamparini - Vocals
Record Label: No Remorse Records


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