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Highways – Texas Is Coming For You

Texas Is Coming For You
by Metal Wim at 27 March 2022, 4:28 AM

HIGHWAYS was started in December 2020 by Joe Coleman (COBRAS, GALLOWS MAJESTY) as a song writing project in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. He started writing all the music and lyrics and tried to find the right people to play on the album. With the Covid-19 pandemic at its height, he had to resort to doing the lot from a distance, so he broadened his search. He thought it wise to look as far as was needed for the right people, those who would fit his vision the most. It led him to the following players from four continents; from Chile in South America, we have Carlos Molina, whilst European country Ukraine has delivered Oleh Andrievsky. The African nation of Nigeria brought forth Marvin Masok and then there is the Asian connection with Vinay Ramakrishnan, all the way from India.

And even though these people probably have never met in real life (I know, it is a very dangerous assumption to make, but I’m doing it anyway), they have pulled it off.  It has resulted in a coherent bunch of songs that together form an Old School Heavy/Power Metal album which has been titled “Texas Is Coming For You”. Quite the statement for a multicultural global band, as none of them come from that area. Joe Coleman also produced and mixed this album, and he has done a great job with that. He even got the pecking order of the songs just right, as the flow of “Texas Is Coming For You” is impeccable. So far, so good. The thing is that I feel that if he had done just as well or, if possible, even better with the quality of the music he has written, HIGHWAYS would have definitely been onto a winner. I will elaborate a little.

Musically you can expect what it says on the tin, Heavy Metal with Power influences. And they have that positive vibe that will make you want to like what you hear so desperately. But, although the songs are rather fetching and explosive, they are also very easily forgettable. And that’s where HIGHWAYS just doesn’t deliver. And that is such a pity, because I really do feel that these guys all work together as a proper band should on “Texas Is Coming For You”, making them sound as if they have been rehearsing and playing together for years. Here’s to hoping that HIGHWAYS will do better next time.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Arrow One
2. Jeopardy
3. Texas Is Coming For You
4. From Inside
5. The Road
6. Early Warning
7. Grains Of Sand
8. Phase III
Marvin Masok - Bass
Oleh Andrievsky – Lead Guitar
Carlos Molina – Vocals & Guitar
Vinay Ramakrishnan - Drums
Record Label: Stormspell Records


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