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His Name Was Yesterday - His Name Was Yesterday

His Name Was Yesterday
His Name Was Yesterday
by Fede "FedeRock" Taich at 11 April 2011, 12:43 AM

HIS NAME WAS YESTERDAY is a Metal / Hardcore or Metalcore band, if you will, from Buffalo NY and this is their self titled debut album after a very well received EP. These dudes from the big apple made an album that has everything needed for that kind of Metalcore with the addition of their special touch and musical skills. The band made a record that fits perfectly with the MTV “Metal scene“ of the present but also if you like great guitar riffs, amazing drumming and powerful vocals, a true Metalhead might like this one too.

The album starts with “Where It Ends” a kick in the balls kind of song as it is so powerful, melodic and groovy that beside the fact that you won’t stop headbanging , it is a great kick-start and it makes you want to prowl for more.

After 3 songs that followed the same powerful mood, I got to “Killshed” that is the most Hardcorish song on the record.  Right from the intro riff, again a kick in the nuts will be upon you. By now you probably noticed that this is a band that won’t stop until every single person in the crowd is in the mosh pit while banging his head and the awesome thing is that the power of the music will keep on adding to it.

Lost Our Way” is a great melodic song that shows that this band has a more mellow side and it’s not only about kicking ass. “It Always Ends In Fire” is in my opinion the weakest link of the album. The intro reminded me too much of AVENGED SEVENFOLD's "Unholy Confessions" and the rest of the song is not on the same label as the rest of the record. The last song “Goodbye To Yesterday” is an acoustic ballad that shows that if you didn’t get it until now John is an amazing singer. I think that this song in particular sounds very similar to STONE SOUR/ SLIPKNOT’s Corey Taylor.

Production wise that album sounds wonderful. The guitar part are great, the drums sound good, but for me the bass sound was the best, Mathew did an excellent job and in a style of music where the bass and guitars usually work harmoniously, he managed to be unique and “be there” all the time. In conclusion, if you like modern Metal/ Hardcore with strong melodies, great musicians and great songs, you will love this one!

4 Star Rating

1. Where It Ends
2. Again And Again
3. No More Tomorrow
4. Killshed
5. Lost Our Way
6. Memory Of Me
7. In Hell
8. Strength In Separation
9. Face The Truth
10. It’s Always Ends In Fire
11. Goodbye To Yesterday
John - Vocals
Andy - Guitar
Ron - Guitar
Mathew - Bass
Mikey - Drums
Record Label: Catch 22 Records


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