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Hittman – Destroy All Humans Award winner

Destroy All Humans
by Will Travers at 02 November 2020, 12:26 PM

There’s an art to the statement ‘leave them wanting more’, I think that TOOL quite often get the accolades for waiting long periods of time between albums. However, here today is a band that say ‘hold my fucking beer, let me show you how its done’. HITTMAN has kept that final note ringing for a mighty 27 years. Just to rub it in a little bit, their last new album, “Vivas Machina” is as old as I am… Now, the band went into hiatus for some time, but are back with a vengeance after a successful re release of their 1988 album “Hittman” they have dropped the long anticipated “Destroy All Humans”

The artwork, showing crosshairs and a human skull play straight to this theme. No frills, no messing and direct to the point. I like it. Opening is the titular track “Destroy All Humans”, the introduction, seemingly plucked from the eighties its self is synth heavy. The 7-minute track rolls through different tempos, layering techniques and overall, just very enjoyable music with some excellent vocals provided by Dirk.

“Breathe” is another journey within its self. The music just varies from section to section, each complimenting the last in all its glorious Power Metal self. A powerhouse of a track “The Ledge” delivers the foot stomping, fist pumping beat that all fans just love to adopt in a shameless show of their love for the music. This is all accented again with some sublime musical skill and the talented vocal ranges heard throughout.

“Code Of Honour” comes straight from the heart, one can hear the emotion and feel the passion that has gone into making this track, I would say that this is my pick of the record so far. As we reach past the halfway point and reach “Total Amnesia” we are just to bear witness to some unrelenting and uncompromising Heavy Metal at its finest.

I would like to leave commentary on the final tracks so that you as a listener can go into them with an open mind and no expectations. However, this record overall just showcases some of the finest parts of Power Metal and Heavy Metal in general. It is such a shame that there are 27 years of silence from HITTMAN as I feel that with the strength of this release, we could have seen a lot more of the New York rockers.

Get out there people, get this record and revel in its awesomeness. Fans of QUEENSRYCHE, IRON MAIDEN and FIFTH ANGEL especially be sure to add this to your library.

Songwriting – 10
Originality – 10
Memorability – 10
Production – 10

5 Star Rating

1. Destroy All Humans
2. Breathe
3. The Ledge
4. Code Of Honour
5. Total Amnesia
6. 1000 Souls
7. Out In The Cold
8. Love, ‘The Assassin’
Dirk Kennedy – Vocals / Keyboard
Jim Bacchi – Guitar / Keyboards / Vocals
John Kristen – Guitar
Greg Bier – Bass

Session Members:
Jai ‘Es – Drums (1, 2, 5)
Joe Fugazi – Drums (3, 4, 6-8)
Record Label: No Remorse Records


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