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Hjallarhorn - New Wave Of Classic Heavy Metal (CD)

New Wave Of Classic Heavy Metal
by Grigoris Chronis at 24 June 2007, 11:03 AM

When The Changeling disgorged outta the speakers, I was ready to yell if this is a 'new wave' of Metal, then this Metal is not 'classic' but rather Speed/Thrash…One way or another, N.W.O.C.H.M. succeeds in - eventually - delivering interesting Metal music, and that's what counts foremost. Scandinavian bands are reliable, for one more time…
Norwegian heroes HJALLAHORN manage to mix two not-so-obviously-related Metal subgenres: the class of  British Metal of the early-to-mid 80s with the mid-to-late 80s Bay Area Thrash Metal typhoon. All these, hailing from Oslo. Having (so far) recording three demo efforts, HJALLAHORN base their songeriting skills to sharp rhythm guitars parts along with some old-fashioned rhythm section, on top of 'em placing the 'harsh' vocals of Dani Nilsen. It is widely believed that Thrash Metal movement did burst out as a bombastic mix of NWOBHM riffs played in a Punk way. Throw away the 'punk' part, and then say 'hi' to HJALLAHORN.
The band does not forget to include some Northern interludes - in the 'epic' BATHORY vein, I suppose? - so as to prevent themselves from sounding one-dimensional; some piano arrangements give a helping hand, by the way. To expand: The Changeling sees an 'old' METALLICA flame mixed with some 'rare' N.W.O.B.H.M. vocal lines, while Murder reminded me of HOLOCAUST in a more 80s European 'primitive' Metal approach. Eye Of The Storm - on the other hand - can be considered as the opus of the band. More than 9 minutes of pure Metal mania; with delight I hear the wonderful leads and this can, as well, be the best off the three tunes.
Blood And Black Lace sees an 'updated' version of the one featured in the band's 2004 Six Track Metal Attack demo, while Iron Clad Soldier - originally featured in 2006's Trilogy Of Lightning follow-up - is the most N.W.O.B.H.M. HJALLAHORN track. Why not release it on 7 vinyl, you guys? It's been a long time since I last heard such an outstanding 'retro' Metal tune!
HJALLAHORN will definitely meet your requirements, if your taste is pure 'old-school'. Take a look at their website and smell some notable classic Metal odour. If you especially own any ARTILLERY album in your collection; this band - in a way - surely is for you!

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The Changeling
Eye Of The Storm
Blood And Black Lace (bonus track)
Iron Clad Soldier (bonus track)
Dani Nilsen - Rhythm Guitar & Vocals
Martin Krogh - Lead Guitar
Kjetil Krogvold - Drums
Kristoffer Berg Haugan - Bass
Record Label: Self Released


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