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HOD - Book of the Worm

Book of the Worm
by Marcos “Big Daddy” Garcia at 14 September 2014, 6:51 PM

Blasphemy, lots of aggressiveness, and maybe the Lovecraftian Ancient Ones arising from San Antonio, Texas (USA). This is the clear idea that Big Daddy here got when hearing “Book of the Worm”, from the excellent quintet HOD. And this album is very good.

Mixing Black and Death Metal in their own way, with some musical influences from earlier Thrash Metal, like SODOM and DESTRUCTION, they sound pretty good, having a certain similarity (not equality, please!) with some ABSU works, with a greater difference: these Texans are really nasty, and this is good.

Very good vocals using changes between particular high pitches and grunts, excellent guitar riffs (sometimes like a review from CELTIC FROST in their earlier era), distorted and insane riffs in the vein of King and Hanneman school, and heavy and fast (but sometimes slower and technical) rhythmic basis. These guys aren’t joking!

The sound quality is dry and as clean as the band’s music demands, but having a raw and very aggressive feeling. Of course all instruments can be heard in separate ways, but they are aggressive and have the “obligatory dirty”, I mean sometimes.

Good as a whole, “Book of the Worm” has as its greater moments on songs like “When the Ghouls Feed” (fast and furious, with excellent guitars and pounding heavy drums), the destructive blow called “Den of Wolves” (great vocals, along with a sickening guitar solo), the insane “Death Whores”, and the thunderous attack from hell called “Where Are the Demons”. The only “but” that Big Daddy has to say is the absence of a slower song, for the album even with some slower moments in the middle of the songs, seems to be done to win a race. But the way they play is fine, nothing to complain about this.

Very good band, indeed!

4 Star Rating

1. When the Ghouls Feed
2. Den of Wolves
3. I Am Destroyer
4. Through the Gates (They Come for Me)
5. Death Whores
6. Under Tyranny's Hammer
7. Where Are the Demons
8. Beneath the Mountains of the Scorpion
Vladibeer Reebs - Vocals
Carl “Lord Necron” Snyder - Guitars
Danny “Blackwolf” Luebben - Guitars
Trans Am - Bass
Del “The Entity” - Drums
Record Label: Arctic Music Group


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