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Hoellentor - Blessed Are The Strong, Cursed Are The Weak (CD)

Blessed Are The Strong, Cursed Are The Weak
by Katerina Kladisiou at 08 January 2006, 8:18 PM

There aren't many bands nowadays that claim or basically play true Black Metal. Höllentor is one of these few bands that are still trying to keep true Black Metal alive and it seems they know how to do it.
In a night of the year 2000 the idea to create Höllentor became reality. A first omen was set with their Demo Christripping which was recorded during the summer nights of June 2001. Again in August 2004 Höllentor recorded four other songs which appeared both on the Demo Christripping and on their debut CD, Blessed Are The Strong, Cursed Are The Weak.
Höllentor's sound is very raw and primitive and brings in mind bands like Darkthrone and Behemoth at the start of their careers. They manage to create a very cold atmosphere combined with satanic lyrics and attitude. Some songs like Murderer of Gods (which in my opinion is one of the best of this release) have both up and mid tempo melodies. In general this album has many good elements but it seems they lack of ideas and that they keep repeating themselves. I think that Höllentor can do better than that and create a more unique sound.
As I already said, this is an interesting release but unfortunately Höllentor don't offer much to the Black Metal sound. The fans of the genre should check this out but I wouldn't recommend this to the very demanding ones.

2 Star Rating

Without Light, Without Love, Without Trust And Without God
Murderer Of All Gods
Satanic Black Metal
Black Seed Of Emptiness
Blackstorms And Winds Of Wrath Proclaim The Last Infernal War
Moonlightshadows Embrace My Forgotten Grave
The Gathering Between Demonic Strength And Ancient Wisdom
Tears Of Angels With Broken Wings
Record Label: Twilight Vertrieb


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