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Höwler - Descendants of Evil Award winner

Descendants of Evil
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 18 January 2023, 3:07 PM

Today, it’s easy to see/read/hear some people complaining about the massive number of releases that is done every single day, and in an irresponsible manner say that ‘everything is equal’, when in reality, today the level of quality is far better than in the years ago, when to record and release a simple Demo Tape or Demo CD was a hard martyrdom for the bands. And, in reality, many of these boring preachers of nothing are just fans of moldy clones of the past, and will never understand and assume the value of acts as HÖWLER, of Costa Rica. What is heard on “Descendants of Evil” is really something excellent. They’re a Thrash Metal act of the same generation that brought to life names as HAVOK, LAZARUS A.D. and others, the generation of bands that came after the end of the 90’s, with the new millennium.

In other words, they’re in a modern tendency that brings a new life to the eroded formulas of the past, and in their own way, they mix Bay Area Thrash Metal and elements of traditional Heavy Metal, in a similar way of what METALLICA and TESTAMENT did in the past, in a form full of melodic hooks and very good level of instrumental technique on the arrangements (pay attention to the instrumental song “Supernova” to check it), but bleeding in aggressiveness and energy. The right choice for Thrash Metal fans, indeed, or to those who love to hear Metal without caring about subgenres’ names. José “Fucas” Mora (the band’s bassist) is the producer, having the hands of Martin Furia on the mixing and mastering. All to make things clear to the ears, defined in the right way for Thrash Metal and allowing all the details to be heard clearly. But it could be not as ‘dry’ as it seems in some moments. It’s a very good sonority heard on the album, but it could be better (their music deserves it).

Musically, “Descendants of Evil” is a mature album and a massive attack of Thrash Metal missiles! And if the reader wants proofs of that, just take a bit on songs as “The New World Disorder” (a moshpitting hit, with a solid instrumental based on excellent guitar riffs and arrangements), “Panzer 666” (another live hit for their shows due its massive and catchy energy, with very good guitar solos and a solid rhythmic wall created by bass guitar and drums), “The Last Days” (a song not as fast as the previous ones, but full of sets of hooks and excellent melodies inherited from Heavy Metal), “Supernova” (a short and refreshing moment where the work of bass guitar and guitars is amazing), “Anthem to the Warfare” (another song that’s not fast, but the slow tempos creates that abrasive Thrash Metal sensation, tempered with excellent melodies and great vocals), “Immortality” (where a ‘motörheadian’ touch can be heard clearly on the harmonic structures and hooks), “In Human Race” (another frantic and brutal song, with excellent rhythmic shifts), and “Sleeping with the Devil” (the Hardcore/Punk influence is clear, creating many parts that is hard to resist to). Or better: don’t be lazy and listen to all the songs, because all of them are excellent.

So one can say that “Descendants of Evil” is here to tear you apart, and HÖWLER is a strong name for Thrash Metal scene to keep the old flame alive.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. The New World Disorder
2. Panzer 666
3. The Last Days
4. Supernova
5. Anthem to the Warfare
6. Cycle of Violence
7. Immortality
8. In Human Race
9. Sleeping with the Devil
10. Live to Party, Party to Live
Carlos “Charlie” Díaz - Vocals
Renan Obando - Guitars
David Mora - Guitars
Jose “Fucas” Mora - Bass
Gonzalo Quirós - Drums
Record Label: Doc Gator Records


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