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Hog - Take Me To Your God

Take Me To Your God
by Katarzyna Zakolska at 27 January 2014, 4:58 PM

HOG is a Modern Metal band from Stockholm, Sweden consisting of Swedish and Danish members, founded in 2010. The band plays a juggernaut style of Metal that combines bone crunching, but with intricate, riffs with guttural growls and also incorporates melodic parts with clean vocals. Near the end of 2013, the band released an EP called “Take Me To Your God”.

Starting from the ground down, I couldn’t stop listening to “Denial”, where there is a mix of up tempo drumming with rich guitaring, fine energies and highly crafted sound, another tremendous entanglement of melodies lines with devouring growls. On “Hollow” may appear like a Death Metal track, surging with vehement echoes of chaos, mega depth tune, rather impressive. “Monolith”, hailing as the album’s single, is a nicely written Nu Metal track, sounds like SLIPKNOT meets SEPULTURA with low tuned deathly riffery, solidly meaty, got to like the mixture of growl and clean vocals. “Ignominy” follows a similar vibe, yet a bit articulate and complex from the former. “Cracking the Crust”, another rolling ghastly thunder, but with melodic elements and several points of a calmer state of mind. “Halo Turns Black” is drilling deep into heavy weight sounds, low tuned aggression, pleasantly made for those who can endure this heaviness. “Stillborn” turns a bit towards the Mathcore persuasion and sensation, mastering abilities usually noticed on the late era of MESHUGGAH, a true headbanger, and one of the album’s finest.

Summing up, the album’s production is solid, every track is rather clear. HOG is an interesting band, showing offer their diversity in Metal music, craving extremity but turning the other chick every once in a while. Not necessarily a type of music pattern for the mind and soul, or an open box, but will prove its worth for sure. Enjoying the groove within Metal along with bashing Death vibe, this one is for you, a pleasing starting point.

3 Star Rating

1. Monolith
2. Hollow
3. Halo Turns Black
4. Ignominy
5. Stillborn
6. Cracking the Crust
7. Denial
Niels Andersen - Vocals
Fredrik Ljunge - Guitars
Mattias Lundmark - Drums
Ulrik Zander - Bass
Record Label: Independent


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