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Hogslayer - Defacer

by Dominik Cheliński at 08 June 2015, 7:43 AM

Alright, introduction will be short and formal. Welsh capital representatives HOGSLAYER showed the world their new album "Defacer".  Three years on the scene, and here we have their second album.  In short it's full fledged Sludge. Yeah, and here is some Noise flavour.

Well, It has been a long time since I have hauled somebody over the coals, but i won't be in my judgment  as brutal as this album is. Claiming it's not is out of question. Hate pours from headphones. Great, low tune fulfilled with background screeches and even better vocals…. which are really hard to hear. They fade in the soundwaves of guitar and bass.  These 2 instruments nastily dominate. In the long run they might be exhausting and too overwhelming. I really had to focus to  break through this bass-wall.  The longer you're listening the more beating it seems to be. Riffs are rumbling and simple as hell.  Not sophisticated at all - neither in compostion nor techniqe. I tried to make bloody sandwiches while listening this on speakers. After 4 minutes I gave up simply because the only thing I could hear is rhythmical beating. After all I looked like the guy on the album's cover.

Sadly I haven't found here anything what would be amazing. The tracks sound thick and huge but it's mostly thanks to background noises and rough production. This album is  heavy, and nothing more. In some tracks the repetitiveness is true pain in the neck (like in "Broken Lung" where all riffs are almost the same). We know, sludge is slow and extremaly heavy but there was a moment when I felt like in the middle of the BLACK TONGUE's breakdowns. Come on, show some love to frets and leave aggressive open string thrashing for deathcore. It is not supposed to be beatdown, is it? Final word… *Fanfares* Sorry, it's mediocre.

2 Star Rating

1. Slowhawk
2. Despiser
3. Wülfbaanger
4 Bludgeon
5. Burn Them Out
6. Warcries
7. Bastard Of Reality
8. This Spiteful Cycle
9. Mealworm (Hidden bonus track)
Otto Kraal - Bass
Max Von Beek - Drums
Damek Ômsk - Guitars
Neal Anderthal - Guitars
Lord Bastard - Vocals
Record Label: Undergroove Records


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