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Hollow - Between Eternities Of Darkness Award winner

Between Eternities Of Darkness
by Kevin Burke at 23 March 2019, 4:02 PM

After a hiatus of two decades, HOLLOW, the Swedish hardcore rockers, return with the follow-up to 1999’s “Architects of the Mind”.

This new release-“Between Eternities of Darkness” shows that time has not hampered the incendiary sound of this classic prog-Metal outfit.  Ten-tracks that combine, whether on purpose or not, to create a concept album.  The theme of facing up to the hardships of life and tackling them head on is front and center in this display of power.

What is on the surface a solo-project by Andreas Stoltz-singer, guitarist and composer, it begins to feel increasingly like a starting block for a much larger idea.  That this is the first notch in a series of output under the name HOLLOW.  Whilst not losing any of the original flair that made the band originally standout, the thought arises that this is music which Stoltz wants to get out there and performed under the banner of HOLLOW, perhaps with a re-energized band.

As for the music here it lifts off wonderfully with “Travel Far”, it starts as it continues, both an even balance of atmospheric and melodic built tracks.  “Fate Of The Jester” starts with some clean-picking before launching into a wall of distorted guitars, all the while Andrew Stoltz keeps the vocals projecting.  His style is excellent and every syllable pronounced perfectly, never falling into the realm of incomprehensible screams.  Best described as somewhere between Ronnie James and Klaus Meine, though with a unique quality of graceful delivery.

Pull Of The Undertow” has more guitar crank than most full albums, the fact that one man has constructed this metallic-machine is breathtaking.  The soloing is not so much flash but more emotionally injected.  “Hidden” and “Calling”continue this one man assault, pumping bass, soaring vocals and deadly guitar playing, the only other guest here is drummer Stalder Zantos, he keeps the background action tight and enjoyable.

The quieter tracks, such as the closer “Say Farewell” retains the same level of intense drama and noise of what came before, a wonderful closer to this suite of addictive action.  “Between Eternities of Darkness” is a perfectly built album, set out as an album should be, ten-tracks, forty-five minutes, no sprawling songs of profession, more a quick flight on a musical journey that is wholly worthwhile.  This is the stepping stone for a full scale reunion, hopefully audiences and fans get a chance to see these performed live as they are savagely entertaining.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Travel Far
2. Fate of the Jester
3. Down
4. Pull of the Undertow
5. Shadow World
6. Hidden
7. Calling
8. The Road I’m on
9. Death of Her Dream
10. Say Farewell
Andreas Stoltz - Vocals, Guitar
Stalder Zantos - Drums
Record Label: Rockshots Records


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