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Hollow Bones - Lionheart

Hollow Bones
by Garrett Davis at 20 January 2017, 12:49 PM

In all honesty HOLLOW BONES are off to a slow start on their debut album “Lionheart”; but I am very glad that I stuck around for the whole LP. In fact, I went out and followed them on social media, because I want to be there when they release more music, because I have high hopes that they will find their sound sooner rather than later. As mentioned, the album starts to pick up around the 3rd track but doesn’t really find its stride until the 5th track “DRYTOOTH”. It really is a shame because people can have such short attention spans that the band may lose their audience before they see the best of what “Lionheart” has to offer.

Wandering Sparrow” brings the speed but not the substance; it really is nothing special compared to other hardcore metal tracks. “The November Diaries” hits a bit harder but doesn’t leave a dent, making little impact in my opinion; it sounds the same as any edgy tween Mall-Metal you hear all the time. “Lionheart: Execution” is where things start to get interesting with some more tempo changes and a decent bridge. Multiple voices mingle for a new sound and for the first time there is an added depth that was missing from the first tracks. A softer but no less intense vocal performance from Sharon Malfesi adds an emotional depth that really grabbed my attention.

Any album - especially your very first - should always start with one of your best tracks. You want to start strong and end stronger in order to grab the listeners’ attention, and make sure you keep it after the album is over. I think HOLLOW BONES is at their best in tracks like  “Altruistic Lung” and“DRYTOOTH” which mingle styles and bring out all of the band members and their talents. With deep gutteral howls, strongly spoken lyrics, and emotional almost Pop-Metal vocals making a contrast, this is the real sound of “Lionheart” and where I think these folks will go if given the chance. It is their own twist that speaks volumes and I am truly glad I stuck around for it.

The link below is of “Altruistic Lung”, the official music video and it is also my favourite song on the album; if you'd like to see what HOLLOW BONES really has to offer then this would be my viewing recommendation. So give them a fair shot and hopefully you will show some support. The album is available through BandCamp.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

  1. Wandering Sparrow
  2. The November Diaries
  3. Lionheart: Execution
  4. Altruistic Lung
  6. I watched the Snow Fall, and Bury Your Bones
  7. Lionheart: Sonder
  8. Wolfcrone
  9. A Murder of Crows
Sharon Malfesi – Vocals, Guitar
Nick Pereira – Bass
Connor Warren – Drums
Andrew Formale – Guitars
Patrick Anthony - Vocals
Record Label: Independnent


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