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Hollow Corp. - Cloister Of Radiance (CD)

Hollow Corp.
Cloister Of Radiance
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 09 February 2008, 4:29 PM

Having observed this album for some time, I realized that HOLLOW CORP. is definitely not the average Metal band. The short and mysterious song titles, the weird cover artwork and the almost nihilistic approach to the booklet's components made me become interested to this band without even having listened to their album! To tell you the truth I was a bit afraid of listening to Cloister Of Radiance, since I was not sure whether my excitement would be spoiled or enforced by the band's music.

I was fortunate enough to be excited by the band's music, too, and so here I am listening to the album for the… who knows what time! The French metallers have really worked hard, something that is obvious in every single note this album contains. Their hard work could not be missed by the Swedish label Dental Records, who offered them a contract that would help them release this great piece of modern (?!) Metal. I will try to explain their music, but I don't think I will ever manage to give you an image of what they exactly play.

The French Metal act HOLLOW CORP. has created a heavy and destructive mist (aka Cloister Of Radiance) that will blow your brains to the wall no matter what! Trying to find a word that can describe their music I ended up in something really common, but descriptive of their sound. Yeah, I can call this kind of music heavy as a big rock that falls on your head and smashes your skull into thousands of little pieces. This is what you will feel when you listen to this album for the first time. The band has managed to avoid composing classic and common 'modern' stuff, but has also managed to put aside the trends of the 'modern' scene and has definitely found its own musical path.

Even though you have been bored of listening to me mentioning the 'classic' ISIS/NEUROSIS influences, this time it is not the same. HOLLOW CORP. seem to draw influences from acts like the high and mighty MASTODON, as well as the older days of ISIS, when the band was much more aggressive than it is now. So, what would you say if MASTODON reduced their melodic Post parts and increased their Thrash/Drone brutality, while adding some weird Hardcore (call me ISIS) into the whole mix?

All of the above have been packed with a raw yet heavy production, which was done by Julien Fehlmann at Studio Mecanique. So, what are you waiting for? This album may not have the MASTODON logo on it, but it definitely has the strength and the energy to rock your socks off just like the US metallers! Suggested!

4 Star Rating

Stephane Azam - Vocals
Mathieu Roszak - Guitar
Guillaume Schleret - Guitar
Romain Fiorot - Bass, Backing Vocals
Laurent Michalak - Drums, Loops, Samples
Record Label: Dental Records


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