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Hollywood Groupies - From Ashes To Light

Hollywood Groupies
From Ashes To Light
by Jean-Francois Poulin at 01 May 2017, 10:00 AM

You gotta be doing something right if you are the openers for LORDI in their long European tour! This is the second full-length album from the Glam Metal Italian band. Don't let the name fool you, I actually thought this was an American band! Also, that cover is pretty awesome, it reminded me of some Metal-Core album covers (not a fan of the music but they tend to have some pretty wicked album covers per say). Don't let the sound fool you, this sounded like American Glam Rock/Metal but these guys are actually from Italy!

Born in 2006, this band has travelled the globe these last few years and have had some pretty good recognition throughout Europe while opening for LORDI. Their sound is much more refined on this album than on their previous release ''Punched by Millions Hit by None''. The sound is definitely a bit more commercial (not necessarily a bad thing). Just hear me out, there are a band that could be playing on the modern rock stations throughout North America. In Montreal, we have CHOM FM, a classic rock radio that puts on some newer bands here and there and have been more open to bands nowadays. I mean we get some ALTER BRIDGE, GHOST, MASTODON, SAINT ASONIA amongst others. HOLLYWOOD GROUPIES have that sound, a hard edge but still pretty catchy and it doesn't hurt that have a really quality singer.

I almost forgot to talk about the production of the album. Well this sounded like it was recorded live, it has that flow, that energy. Well energy probably wouldn't be the right word for it, maybe synergy would be more appropriate. I love when bands record everything live, I feel it's more personal and immersive. The production is very good and I was really impressed but it's quality. As for the songs, two songs really stand out for me, the single ''Rebel With No Name'' and ''The Wheel'', the last and first song of the album. There is a lot of rhythmic variations and you have some Progressive Metal elements here and there. The band gets their groove on and showcase a more technical sound than on most of the songs off this release.

Ace is replacing Foxy as lead singer on this opus. You have a different dynamic, this sounds a bit more like old school Glam Metal with a commercial twist. With Foxy you had something really different in the genre. Ace was doing a fine job with the backing vocals and does a tremendous job as lead singer. He really was destined to do this, even if it's quite a departure from the previous releases, he has a pretty good range and a whole lot of passion in his voices. He really does seem he is really enjoying himself and it really shows. I loved his energy on ''Brand New Way'', he definitely is showcasing his vocal chops.

It's not mind blowing by any stretch of the imagination, I liked the fact you had some humour in ''Glory Hole'' but I loved the fact that they really take themselves seriously. I know some newer bands in the genre are almost of parody but this band is not at all in the same vein. You have solid production and some pretty good lyrics. Nothing sexual and dirty, you have some clean lyrics with some pretty serious subject matter. ''That's All My Life'' is all about the trials and tribulations of one's life, the ups and downs of each day. Life is a journey, it's a marathon, not a 100 meter dash. You have to pull through to reach the end, that really struck me.

They have a lot of potential and even if you have some commercial elements, they really could stand out in the United States if they ever come our way!

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. The Wheel
2. Hell Can Wait
3.That's All My Life
4. Get To You
5. Glory Hole
6. Perfect Line
7. Brand New Way
8. N.I.P.
9. Come to Life
10. Rebel with No Name
Condor  – Bass
Mirko – Drums
Kelly – Lead Guitars
Ace  – Vocals
Record Label: Art Gates Records


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