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Hollywood Monsters - Big Trouble

Hollywood Monsters
Big Trouble
by Ray Burrows at 25 May 2014, 10:29 PM

I just had the pleasure of reviewing the new “Big Trouble” album by the new formation of the band HOLLYWOOD MONSTERS! “Big Trouble” is an instant classic album featuring some of the greatest musicians of all time, and one of the best vocalists in the world, what I treat for my ears “Big Trouble” is. The guys in HOLLYWOOD MONSTERS have created quite an album here guys, “Big Trouble” is pure Classic Rock with hints of powerful Metal! Fuse the Rock / Metal sound with the searing vocals of Steph Stevens, the incredible drumming of Vinny Appice, then add the sharp and smooth sounding guitars, and this new album “Big Trouble” shines rather brightly.

Now I have seen many new projects form up with members from other well-known bands that have teamed up, and I generally do not care for most of those new formations as they seem to be just a side project/hobby to create a buzz to generate extra sales to pump up artists solo careers, which usually makes for some low quality production music that has little staying power. On the other hand you have HOLLYWOOD MONSTERS, these guys can easily put shame to those copycat bands that put out material way too early for it to gain any recognition for its low quality sound. I would like to see these guys stick together and put a good name to this new formation of HOLLYWOOD MONSTERS.

On to the music, the songs strangely seem to be movie based, imagine that huh? The music feels to have that eighties classic Rock feel to it, I would compare HOLLYWOOD MONSTERS new sound to be a lot like WHITESNAKE, but with a softer, more classic Rock feel to “Big Trouble” which gives it such a nice peaceful feeling as you progress through the tracks, a very nice change from your typical Rock/Metal release here in “Big Trouble”!

There is a wide variety of the style of the songs in “Big Trouble”, I sense this in many new albums, such as in WINGER’s new album “Better Days Comin'” I notice such a variety of sound in the songs that it gives you the feeling that a lot of bands are in a trial and error period, to test the waters per say, to bait the hook with a variety of bait to see how many bites they can get for certain baits. Now that may be a strange way to put things for you, but what more bands need to do is find their own unique sound, and if they know that their sounds good they should not stray from that single path, if the music has a more general sound to it the music will not generate as much sales. So I will overall give this new album “Big Trouble” by HOLLYWOOD MONSTERS a good rating, but what I would like to see more of in new projects is that bands do not put music out there to test the waters, that they put out 100% of what they know how to do well and nothing but the best. Which like I previously stated that this “Big Trouble” does shine rather brightly, meaning that the guys in HOLLYWOOD MOSTERS are the best of the best at what they do, and they know how to rock hard!

What I would like in the future from HOLLYWOOD MONSTERS, for one, is that they stick together and continue to make music, and possibly have them play live shows! I have been a fan of rock/metal music for my entire life, going on 40 years now, so I do not need to be baited when it comes to my music, I already know what I like.

So go ahead and pick up this new album “Big Trouble” knowing that you will enjoy this high quality music from some of our musical legends in HOLLYWOOD MONSTERS, but be warned that some people may like a few songs a lot more than the others, and vice versa! That is typical for most all new albums, so I may be over critical here.? “Big Trouble” by HOLLYWOOD MONSTERS gets a monstrous grade.

4 Star Rating

1. Another Day In Grey
2. Move On
3. Big Trouble
4. The Only Way
5. The Cage
6. The Ocean
7. Oh Boy
8. Underground
9. Village Of The Damned
10. Song For A Fool
11. Fuck You All
Steph Honde – Vocals / Guitar
Vinny Appice - Drums
Tim Bogert - Bass
Don Airey - Keyboards
Record Label: Mausoleum Records


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