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Holocaust - Elder Gods

Elder Gods
by Cullen Balbridge at 05 June 2019, 6:36 AM

HOLOCAUST is as band from Edinburgh Scotland and was founded in 1977, the album "Elder Gods"  will be their 10th release to date. Their first full album "The Nightcomers" was released in 1981. HOLOCAUST is considered to be the most influential band in their genre, they have been covered by the likes of METALLICA and several others. I guess it's time to get into it. "Elder Gods" comes out like a caged lion with thunderous drums and heavy guitars, the vocals are down and dirty without any sugar coating, it is a kick ass anthem in its own right, great way to start the album of with its title track. "Children Of The Great Central Sun" has some theatrical vocals and haunting keyboards. Mark McGrath shows of his bass skills in the song, there's some great guitar work incorporated, Scott Wallace drumming is impeccable, the dude is really a great drummer.

"Ishtar" comes as being very mellow song compared to what we've heard on this album so far but give it a minute and that will suddenly change. "Observer Two" is a fast and heavy instrumental with pretty fucking cool sound effects. "Eon Of Horus" is another heavy theatrical song that almost gives the feel as if John Mortimer is the ringmaster, This isn't really my thing but it is very well put together for what it is. "Solaris" is a slower paced song, all instruments and vocals are mingled together perfectly, there is a smooth transition to every aspect of the song, Mark McGrath"s bass playing stands out once again in this song, it isn't that the bass lines are complex or anything,  he just lays them down very smoothly. "Benedictus"  starts of somewhat mellow and remains at the stride through out the song, the guitar structure reminds of something you would have heard from JOURNEY back in there day. "Natural State" has a different vibe to it, it's pretty cool how the bass, drums and guitars seem to layer perfectly over each other and on point with the vocals. If theatrical metal is your thing, you should 100% buy this album. It's a great representation for its  genre.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 6
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Elder Gods
2. Children Of The Great Central Sun
3. Ishtar
4. Observer Two
5. Eon Of Horus
6. Astaroth
7. Solaris
8. Benedictus
9. Natural State
John Mortimer - Guitars, Vocals
Mark McGrath - Bass
Scott Wallace - Drums
Record Label: Sleaszy Rider Records


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