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Holocaust - Predator

by Samantha “Samii” Mittelstaedt at 15 January 2016, 3:49 PM

HOLOCAUST is a name from the old New Wave of British Heavy Metal team together with bands like TIGERS OF PAN TANG, SAXON and obviously IRON MAIDEN; so, they’re releasing their eighth album called “Predator” by Sleaszy Records this year.

With an impressionist idea to make an artwork, they reached the goal if they’re tried to shock the listener. With an incredible taste, “Predator” has one of the more interesting artworks I saw.

The line-up is a Power trio by the founder John Montimer and the re-formed band in 2012 by Marc McGrath and Scott Wallace – the highlight here showing excellent drums passages in the entire album. They’re very talented in the band’s proposition.

The album contains 09 tracks with homogeneous style in all the tracks. When you listen “Predator”, it gives you a trip back in time in 70’s and listen it makes you think like you're listening to it as  a live sow. It’s a good and bad thing - good, they’re not leaving your roots. The bad side is they’re not evolving in their sonority. The other bands that make the same style evolve it but not leave your roots. It’s possible. The songs like “Predator”, “Expander”, “Shiva” and “Shine Out” is looks like you’re listening the same song in eternal looping. They don’t make a bad work. The drums are fantastic, the guitars are OK, could be better, but in several moments are dull together with the vocals.

Few tracks in “Predator” highlight this album like the longest “Lady Babalon” and the short “Observer One” and “What I Live For”. They show here all the aggressiveness a rawness they could put in other tracks.

If you like to make trips while you listen songs and discover new bands – not so new here in this case – together, I’m pretty sure you will like to listen the new album from HOLOCAUST. It’s a truly trip and a truly lesson to show the real NWOBHM but without decent number of things to shine, it is all alike to what the other bands did.

2 Star Rating

1. Predator
2. Expander
3. Can't Go Wrong With You
4. Lady Babalon
5. Observer One
6. Shiva
7. Shine Out
8. Revival
9. What I Live For
John Mortimer – Vocals, Guitars
Marc McGrath – Bass
Scott Wallace – Drums
Record Label: Sleaszy Rider Records


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