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Holocaustum - In The Fields They Bled Award winner

In The Fields They Bled
by Chelsea Jennings at 31 May 2015, 8:09 PM

HOLOCAUSTUM are a Black/Death Metal band from Fort Wayne, Indiana. HOLOCAUSTUM have just put out their latest effort "In The Fields they Bled" via Dark Horizon Records. HOLOCAUSTUM wants to bring the 1990s era of Black Metal back to life with their latest release.

"In The Fields They Bled" appears to be a concept album of sorts that is talking heavily about the travesties and heartbreaks of war, and the toll it can take on the countries that are fighting each other. HOLOCAUSTUM are an incredibly, impressively dark and heavy act on their latest "In The Fields They Bled" release. HOLOCAUSTUM drive home the point of the people in this world needlessly killing each other over what seems to be nothing more than human greed and desire for "more". Humanity always wants more of everything (e.g. more power, more land, more money, etc.) which causes us to invade the money/goods/lands/power of other countries to take what they have that we might want. All of of this costs many people their lives, and causes countries to go to war in bloodbaths that otherwise may never have had to happen.

The opening track "Can You Smell The Stench" sets a brutal stage to the entire album that is to follow. The track sets the stage with a dreadful, putrid stink filling the air as people smell the dying carcasses lying in the fields of battle as more and more people needlessly die. The title track "In The Fields They Bled" sets the stage of people being massacred by the lots as they all fight in vain for the causes that drive mankind to greed and lust after what other people have. Whoever ends up in the way of this entire terrible dispute is likely to end up dead as they bleed in the fields where they were murdered. This is part of the game of war, and people die needlessly in the faces of these greedy, vain battles that are fought for the betterment of the greed of mankind. "Remnants Of the Dead" begins with body parts littering the battlefield as the fight rages on and the carnage rises. These are painted as people's brothers, fathers, sons, and family members, as human beings rather than just dead corpses lying in a field somewhere. HOLOCAUSTUM do a great job of making music that will speak to the fans, and really drive the point of what they are trying to say home.

"Harvesting The Horde" begins to shift focus from the dead and the tragedy of war over to the concept that once these people are dead their bodies are just left there to waste away. Or they are moved away in hordes and buried in mass graves prepared for them quickly, carelessly, and likely without much thought. "Atrocities Of War" reflects back on the terrible things that happen in wars as many innocent people lose their lives and perish over greed of one country wanting to likely take everything they are "jealous" of another country having. This is an atrocity that causes human casualties as lives are lost to the futile arguing of nations of our world today. This ends up ruining civilizations, and bringing powers to their knees rather than actually getting someone to advance their hold on power to become more powerful than they were before. This is true at least in most cases. "Pulverizing Your Cadaver" turns the concept yet again, this time to the idea that the other side does not care how many people perish in their wars. Long as people get their power and their might over on your side, it's a won war for them. They just send the people that are dead away where their cadavers are thrown into holes, and generally in most cases grossly disrespected by authorities and opponents of the other armies in other countries. "Bring Forth The Flesh" talks about all of the bodies the are harvesting and gathering up off the fields. This is something of a flesh offering for someone daring to threaten to fight the other army. Finally, "I am Not Merciful" begins with drivehte point home htat they do not let up and that if someone is in their paths they can and will kill at will. This is war. Anything is fair in war.

HOLOCAUSTUM paint a gut-wrenching image of what happens when war tears people apart, and ruins what would have otherwise been a great life for so many people. HOLOCAUSTUM make people realize the costs of war, and the concepts that drive people to do insane things like taking the lives of innocent people. It paints a real image of war, and reminds us what is important in life, and why it is not worth fighting over material goods and power and money. Blackened Death Metal outfit HOLOCAUSTUM cover the topic of death quiet thoroughly with their "In The Fields They Bled", and the dark, heavy sounds of the music truly put Death Metal out there in a new light. A job well done, and a great concept-album that is a must-listen to for anyone that is a Death Metal fan.

4 Star Rating

1. Can You Smell The Stench
2. In The Fields They Bled
3. Remnants Of The Dead
4. Harvesting The Horde
5. Atrocities Of War
6. Pulverizing Your Cadaver
7. Bring Forth The Flesh
8. I Am Not Merciful
Shawna Silvers - Vocals
John Newton - Guitars
Charlie Baughman - Lead Guitars
Thomas Pilasiewicz - Drums
Jeff Mhashnius - Drums (Guest)
Record Label: Horror Pain Death Gore Productions


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