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Holy Blood - Shining Sun

Holy Blood
Shining Sun
by Maria Voutiriadou at 10 December 2010, 11:12 AM

Having new logo image that portrays the banner of Jesus Christ Pantokrator and a brand new line-up, the Ukrainian folk collective scheme of HOLY BLOOD releases the 4th studio full length album under the sacred and Christian veil of Bombworks Records and this is not about some joke in poor taste; after the fine example of SAVIOUR MACHINE and TROUBLE across the Atlantic shore, seems that the Christian/ White Metal long lives and counts thousands of believers around the globe. What happens though when a bunch of folk instruments are involved and set a dancing parade in the name of Christ in the icy and cold Ukraine? I guess that HOLY BLOOD are going to tell us about it via “Shining Sun”.

Flutes, bagpipes and buzkas (what the bloody hell are these?) have been called, mixing perfectly with the heavy native accent of those Ukraine singers, Fedor Buzilevich and Vera Knyazyova who promote the ‘sacred word’. I don’t know if that sounds peculiar to you but if you step aside the whole ‘serving the purposes of Jesus Christ’ thing, you are going to deal with some ELUVEITIE-esque melodies but in the more rough and raw way. The primeval element of the folk instruments fills every melody, while the up tempo tunes dominate in every riffage. Some ‘black’ Metal styling in the male vocals make their appearance from time to time, using those dry ‘ooh’ growls, fitting just perfect to the raw folk Metal sound. On the other hand, there are plenty ‘non-Metal’ instruments, mixing so nicely with the lofty vocal harmonies and chants, especially when the female ones seem to be like angelic chants from heaven. The fair sound of flute does an excellent work, bringing in mind the clear air of the Crimean Mountains, while the guitar duo gives us some skill and expertise in the solid riffs.

Listen to the opener “My Fate” and let it lead you to the path of truth where flutes and bagpipes are dancing or the female gurgle in “Kievan Rus” mixing with the bagpipes’ song: you’ll find the result absolutely amazing, especially if you are lovers of folk Metal bands like ELUVEITIE, THYRFING, ENSIFERUM or WINTERSUN. For all that, I would like to have some directness with the lyrics and understand what HOLY BLOOD preach, since it didn’t get in my hands the booklet with the complete English translation, but let it be; music is stronger and able to create beautiful images inside our hearts. The only thing we have to do, sometimes, is believe.

Track picks: “My Fate”, “Shining Sun”, “Kievan Rus”, “Pending”, “Christmas”.

3 Star Rating

  1. My Fate
  2. Sing Wind Sing
  3. My Life
  4. Shining Sun
  5. Kievan Rus
  6. The Soul Is Singing
  7. Through Expanses
  8. Pending
  9. Christmas
  10. On The Threshold
Fedor Buzilevich - Vocals, Flute, Buzka, Guitars
Vera Knyazyova - Keyboards, Bagpipes, Vocals
Igor Dziuba - Guitars
Evgeny Titarchuk - Guitars
Ira Klesch - Bass
Oleg Bogomaz - Drums
Record Label: Bombworks Records


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