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Holy Dragons - Wolves Of Odin (CD)

Holy Dragons
Wolves Of Odin
by Michael Dalakos at 15 October 2006, 7:21 PM

Holy thunderfuck! Did you ever believed there is metal in Kazakhstan? No? Well I will disappoint you because not only it does exist but also it exists in its purest form. Once again it is proven that heavy f*ckin metal rules in all for corners of the world. Are there any trendy pop bands in Kazakhstan? Any hip hop gay dudes? Nope! Only heavy f*cking metal - so all of you posers can bite my shiny metal ass…
Holy Dragons are over-productive as a team. They have release 175, nah sorry they have release nine, maybe ten albums (sorry but I lost counting with all the re-releases). Holy Dragons deliver the goods in the vein of early Iron Maiden / Running Wild / Wizard. Twin axe guitars destroy everything in their path with frenzy rhythms and bombastic crunching riffs. The solo parts are awesome - really kicking ass. Vocals are in Russian so I really have no clue what these guys talk about, but judging from the song's titles we are dealing with a lot of hack and slash / die die die / body building activities (you get the point). As for the vocalist - well I think it's a classic case of love or hate with a harsh voice that (in my opinion) fits like a glove to the band's sound.
The album however suffers by an average production. The sound often becomes thick and colorless. Too bad because their production really steal points from the whole package. With a better production this album could easily wipe out a lot of competition from abroad. Fans of traditional metal must definitely check them out! Album highlights: Dogs Of War, The Storm…

3 Star Rating

Dogs Of War
The Last Day Of Life
The Storm
The Light Of Fires
The Lord Of The Seas
Illusory Sabbath
Wolves Of Odin
The Last Fight
Holger Komaroff - Vocal
Jurgen Thunderson - Guitar
Chris Caine - Guitar
Chris Larson - Bass
Jurii Morev - Drums
Record Label: Metalism Records


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