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Holy Moses - Strength, Power, Will, Passion (CD)

Holy Moses
Strength, Power, Will, Passion
by Michael Dalakos at 18 May 2005, 7:24 AM

Still going strong. I am amazed by the stubbornness of some people who won't give up, won't call it a day. Sabina Classen is not a girl! She's a grrrrrrrrrrl! A hellraiser I highly respect without even being a big fan of her band, Holy Moses. Still, I'd be a jerk if I didn't praise her dedication to Thrash Metal… made the German way!
Holy Moses exists for more than 20 years! The band has seen its highs and lows but after their reunion back in 2001 and the release of the mini CD Master Of Disaster it seems there is no stopping for the roller-coaster called Holy Moses. It took three years for the release of Strength… and there are two good reasons for this delay. First of all Sabina gathered around her a young team of musicians for the new lineup and also had to find a new record label, which she did by signing with Armageddon Music.
Strength… can be considered as a safely good album. It's not revolutionary and definitely not the best in the band's history. However it is an album full of fresh ideas, do not be mistaken: they still play Thrash, the German way, by a team of young musicians. As always, Sabina is the one leading the way with her singing, really giving a new meaning to the word girl power. Even the promo mentions that she didn't use any harmonizers or pitch transporters at all (and if you read the interview you will be convinced about this).
I couldn't resist going berserk when I listened to songs like Angel Cry or End Of Time and that's always a good sign! As one can suspect, the majority of the songs are really fast. Especially End Of Time hits the red line in my headbanging speedometer (hehe). The production sounded a bit old school to my ears, this in relation with the razor sharp vocals gives the whole album a very interesting coloration. After all a clinical, polished sound does not fit in a Thrash album… I think.
All in all I found Strength, Power, Will, Passion to be an honest album. Without being the best of their career, it keeps the legend of Holy Moses in the spotlight. Fans of German Thrash Metal don't neglect this one.

3 Star Rating

Angel Cry
End Of Time
Symbol of Spirit
I Will
Space Clearing
Sacred Crystels
Lost Inside
Death Bells II
Seasons In The Twilight
Say Goodbye
Sabina Classen - Vocals
Franky Brotz - Guitar
Michael Hankel - Guitar
Alex DeBlanco - Bass
Julien Schmidt - Drums
Record Label: Armageddon Music


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