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Holy Moses - The New Machine Of Liechtenstein (CD)

Holy Moses
The New Machine Of Liechtenstein
by Michael Dalakos at 03 October 2005, 10:30 PM

In a series of re-releases Armageddon Music delivers to all the fans of Thrash Metal a couple of very interesting pieces of work. I am talking about the early albums of Holy Moses. These early days of the band are considered by many people to be their most interesting works up till today. The New Machine Of Liechtenstein is such a release. The album comes revamped with two bonus tracks (live versions of songs already included in the album) and liner notes by the last survivor of the old lineup, Sabina Classen. Just for the record let me add that there are several interesting photos of the band from 1989 (yeah ,it's been that long!) but the one with Uli Kusch wearing shorts is to die for!
The New Machine Of Liechtenstein as an album is a fine example of technical Thrash Metal, where the guitars of Andy Classen and Thilo Hermann are in a frenzied mood for inspiration. I had to listen to this album again after all those years to realize how much the voice of Sabina (or at least her style) has changed over the years. Indeed the way Sabina sung in the early days of Holy Moses has pretty much nothing in common with what you hear in the band's last couple studio albums (and to be more precise Sabina back then sounded more in your face than the rather brutal singing she does today).
The tricky part is whether or not this album can offer you a good reason to buy it (as with every re-release). First of all it is definitely a good Thrash Metal album. Not the best there is but a good one. How many of you have the original print I'm not sure but I do know that it is a hard to find piece of work. Maybe the extras are not so extraordinary (two live songs and everything I've mentioned in the beginning of this review). So my advise to you is that if you've already bought all the classic Thrash albums and you feel unsatisfied with the new releases of the genre then you must check this one out (of course if you are a Holy Moses fan I wonder why you are still reading this review).

3 Star Rating

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Sabina Classen - Vocals
Uli Kusch - Drums
Tom Becker - Bass
Andy Classen - Guitar
Thilo Hermann - Guitar
Record Label: Armageddon Music


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