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Home Style Surgery - Lethal Experiment

Home Style Surgery
Lethal Experiment
by V. Srikar at 09 April 2014, 5:27 PM

What happens when 5 angry passionate 14 years olds come together in making music? You get a total Thrash out album which doesn’t necessarily sound technically right. That’s exactly what we have here with HOME STYLE SURGERY’s “Lethal Experiment”. Formed in 2008, when the members were just 14 years old, in the Northern depths of Pello, Finland, these thrashers have passion and age with them and only know one way to live and that’s to Thrash.

LETHAL SUERGERY as an album is a lot more with the lyrical theme than the name suggests. Starting off with “No Liberty”, it sounds like a political song with the song starting off with a slow guitar word work with a Political speech from an American politician in the background, and then going on a full Thrash out mode. Then the weirdly named “Perversionisti”, continues the madness with its unidirectional Thrash attack which reminds me of D.R.I. and MUNICIPAL WASTE. Though to a large extent it’s all unidirectional, it does pack a few pieces of slower head bangable riffs in phases and then finishing it off with continuous fast shredding and solos together. The screaming vocals of Joel Mäntyranta are quit predictable and nothing new for this type of music and remind me of MUNICIAP WASTE vocals and the guitar work of Joonas Hiltunen and Jussi Keränen, though has a few good phases and riffs, does nothing extraordinary throughout the EP. Surprisingly the bass work by Tommi Lakkala and the drums by Joni Järlström are more convincing and pack in more energy and variety in the given 6 songs. The next few songs like “M.N.H” and “Lethal Experience” go in the similar road with respect to the music, though I find the band moves to more brutal and harsher lyrics. “Suicidal Anguish” for the most part is a similar part except for catchier vocals and better guitar riffs and has to be the most convincing of all songs in “Lethal Experiment”, and the last track “Laiton Pidätys” continues the same insane brutality with the vocals screaming the name of the song all throughout the song and actually leaving a bitter taste in my mouth.

While the production is raw and kept old school, and actually works for these boys, the album is far from convincing as it doesn’t offer anything new to an ardent Thrash fan in me. I sense a huge Crossover Thrash influence in their music, though it falls under the old school Thrash Metal bracket. While they may end up becoming a great live band due to their fast paced music, but these young boys need to bring in some more variety and better riffs than they did in this short EP to keep the audience interested. To my surprise I find that these young guns have already released an album, couple of Demos and an EP before this, so they do have experience, but I recon they need to bring out better riffs and variety to spread their brutality.

3 Star Rating

1. No Liberty
2. Perversionisti
3. M.N.H
4. Lethal Experience
5. Suicidal Anguish
6. Laiton pidätys
Joel Mäntyranta - Vocals
Joonas Hiltunen - Lead Guitars
Jussi Keränen - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Tommi Lakkala - Bass
Joni Järlström – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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