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Homerun - Don't Stop (CD)

Don't Stop
by Grigoris Chronis at 26 April 2008, 2:50 PM

Hey, somebody sign these guys now! HOMERUN hails from Italy and Don't Stop is only their debut full-length release, but…but…but I cannot recall the last time I listened to a debut album by a band combining that smartly American Hard 'hair' Rock, Swedish/European melodic Rock and (little of) 'heavy' AOR in one single release! These Italians have been actual die-hard fans of this genre, and that's common sense if you give Don't Stop a chance. You won't regret it, never, you demanding melodic hardrocker.
The cover artwork is not what someone would trust for revealing the inside, to be honest. Even the colors are anti-'party', on second thought. And there the drawbacks for Don't Stop cease to exist. Why? Because this Italian sextet delivers a first-class Hard (in general) Rock album. Starting of as DEAD POETS (a rather 'unfitting' name) in 2000, they changed it to 'HOMERUN' and whoever brought the relevant GOTTHARD album to mind is…right. The band flirts strongly with the Swiss band's patterns, yet successfully avoiding any comparisons by implementing various…
…California (sic) and Swedish Hard Rock elements in Don't Stop. Meaning: the album's divided in real hardrockers and emotional stuff. All of it, played with great professionalism and tremendous aura; and this kind of music's not easy to deal with, in spite of what most fans think. Matt Albarelli's voice is brilliant; a mix of Steve Overland (FM), Robert Ernlund (TREAT), Steve Lee (GOTTHARD) and Peter Loran (TRIXTER) he simply is outstanding. Every single note he sings is 'inner', while he's faultless and has this specific throat that ends up being in the foreground, supported anyway by…
…some great guitar work, preserving the pre-mentioned bands' ideals, to give a brief sculpture. Clean chords, bombastic playing, great chemistry in leads…who wants more? You need only good songs. And, have faith, no single filler is available in Don't Stop:
- Full Throttle –> In-your-face drumming, fast rhythm, great vocals, 'oldies' keyboards and a marvellous AOR-meets-Rock chorus.
- Rolling –> Some LA party theme here, in the WARRANT, DANGER DANGER and (chorus-wise) FM vein. Great!
- Don't Stop –> TREAT or TAKARA influences are in front line, while the song develops into a multi-vocal chorus with dominant melodic lines a la e.g. BONFIRE or FAIR WARNING or (even) SARAYA!
- I Wanna Rock You –> Rockin'-n-rollin' stuff right here! The European way.
- Only Love –> Tempos slow down, but the feeling remains. Michael Bormann would love to sing in this one!
- North Winds –> Things get even more moody. Quality preserves though; a positive ballad, the SLAUGHTER or BON JOVI way.
- Baby –> Acoustic guitars let us into the main theme, a blend of TALISMAN or NELSON's American Rock, with a tendency for some West Coast/AOR chorus.
- Right Now –> A heavier and more 'European' version of BAD ENGLISH/VAN HALEN did I bring to mind with this one. Nuff said.
- I'll Never Be You –> Appropriate for driving on a sunny noon, this song's the real deal for winning your 'mature' POISON/DANGER DANGER wants.
- Nothin' Else –> An emotional ballad, an appropriate BONFIRE-unplugged wrap for an enthusiastic album.
Hidden gems is the spice of 'music' life. And HOMERUN is the cook you have to trust. I really hope this album can reach the greatest audience possible. If GOTTHARD brought (as said) 'back' melodic Hard Rock's flame, then HOMERUN can equally stand tall to keep the torch lit. Do yourself a favour and by this album. It really (hard) rocks!

4 Star Rating

Full Throttle
Don't Stop
I wanna Rock You
Only Love
North Winds
Right Now
I'll Never Be You
Nothin' Else
Matt Albarelli - Vocals
Andy Ringoli - Guitars
Simone Almasio - Guitars
Walt Borrelli - Hammond & Keys
Valentino Bello - Bass
Ul Giurgin Annoni - Drums
Record Label: Sweet Poison Records


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