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Hopelezz - Sent To Destroy

Sent To Destroy
by Bruno Diniz at 05 February 2017, 2:28 PM

Formed by Adrian Vorgerd (Vocals/Guitars), Dennis Ehlen (guitars), Marcel Krüger (bass) and Dominik Gaidel (drums), the Germans of HOPELEZZ have been working since 2009 and have completed their second full length album entitled "Sent to Destroy" through the label Sonicscars Records. While his predecessor "Black Souls Arrive" offered Melodic Death Metal, the new one presents the modern Thrash Metal. Between the two albums an interesting fact call attention was that the band went out on a tour with more than one hundred concerts and playing with bands like LAMB OF GOD, SEPULTURA, AUGUST BURNS RED and SOILWORK. The guys of HOPELEZZ present a good technique and power in this work.

After an introductory track called "Black Clouds to Come", the quartet starts the production with "Boderline". The title of this song practically defined the lyrics and the melody. Was a good choice to give the start on the album demonstrating what the band came up with. "From Deep Inside" leaps forward with its alternating vocals and a very remarkable chorus standing out from the majority as well as "Sent to Destroy" that brings an environment of destruction and aggressiveness. "Insomnia" is also very well worked, contingent with rhythm and tempo changes. "Dividing The Sea" although it has a little slower passage at the end, this track pushes the listeners to another level showing a more traditional Thrash Metal side, we can see it in the beginning.

 "Bury Them All" is the spot for me where the album starts to get a little boring. Not that the music is bad, but I had the distinct impression of having heard something similar in two of the four previous tracks. "In This Moment ", "Everything Beneath "and "We are the Fire" are still without anything new, and the things begin to take another direction again in "Struggle for Life" where we can notice a slight different variation in the vocals although the chorus has the same construction of several other songs here. "A Poem's Death" and "Abschiedsbrief" are the longest tracks on the album, they are a bit more worked up but they also make the same mistake as "Bury Then All" on, more of the same.

Well, the HOPELEZZ members have a lot of technique and potential. If we listen the songs separately they have really a good quality, but to reach a higher level on the world stage, I believe they should try harder and use creativity to alternate the structures in each track.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 6
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Black Clouds to Come
2. Borderline
3. From Deep Inside
4. Insomnia
5. Dividing the Sea
6. Bury Them All
7. Sent to Destroy
8. In This Moment
9. Everything Beneath
10. We Are the Fire
11. Struggle for Life
12. A Poem's Death
13. Abschiedsbrief
Adrian Vorgerd  - Vocals, Guitars
Dennis Ehlen - Guitars
Marcel Krüger - Bass
Nik Gaidel  -Drums
Record Label: Sonicscars Records


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