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Hopelezz - Stories of War Long Forgotten Award winner

Stories of War Long Forgotten
by Kyle Scott at 21 August 2018, 7:33 AM

Death Metal’s latest contender HOPELEZZ hails from North Rhinne-Westphalia, Germany. They’ve been burying faces six feet under with their no-nonsense Death since 2008. The idea behind their third full-length album “Stories of War Long Forgotten” is a great war sent down from the Gods to punish humanity for its many transgressions. A little Revelations inspired, something that you expect to hear spouting from the local homeless guy wearing a sandwich board that just says ‘ARMAGEDDON!’ on it, but HOPELEZZ warns that maybe we should have listened to that guy’s ramblings after all, but now, it is far too late.

After a lullaby intro, “Ich bin Krieg” bursts through the door and proceeds to take a flamethrower to everything in sight, including the next song “War Against War”. A beastly track that charges forth on rabid cavalry. HOPELEZZ makes it known that they are ready to fight to the death and they sure are ready to put up one hell of a fight. “The Only Way” adds a dash of Metalcore or ‘00s-era Nu Metal to the chorus that was unexpected, only to have the violent atmosphere return twelve-fold in the title track “War Not Forgotten”. “Let The Cities Burn” is the heaviest track with toxic frets corrosive enough to eat right through a set of headphones. “Through Hell” is angsty and painful, that is sure to stir up a bunch of unpleasant memories. The best, yet most out-of-place track has to be “Holding Out For a Hero”. Yes, the Bonnie Tyler cover. Yes, the lady who also sang, “Total Eclipse of The Heart”. HOPELEZZ absolutely crushes the song and I don’t think there will ever be a better cover of an eighties song.

For a Melodic Death Metal band, HOPELEZZ shares more in common with their cousins Thrash. Their tracks are blistering, unhinged and powerful melodies that set a fire in your soul. Don’t let the stories of War be forgotten.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 8
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Ich bin Krieg (Intro)
2. War Against War
3. The Beast
4. The Only Way
5. War Long Forgotten
6. Let Their Cities Burn
7. Through Hell
8. What You Deserve
9. A Prayer for Better Days
10. This Must Not Be the End
11. Holding Out for A Hero (Bonnie Tyler cover)
12. Vom letzen Tag
Dominik Gaidel - Drums
Dennis Ehlen - Guitars
Adrian Vorgerd - Guitars
Marcel Kruger - Bass
Record Label: Massacre Records


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